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7 Amazing & Affordable Travel Accessories That You're Going to Want

April 02, 2024 Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred Season 3 Episode 107
7 Amazing & Affordable Travel Accessories That You're Going to Want
CK & GK Podcast
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CK & GK Podcast
7 Amazing & Affordable Travel Accessories That You're Going to Want
Apr 02, 2024 Season 3 Episode 107
Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred

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Tired of travel hassles bringing you down? We've all been there: lost luggage, tangled chargers, airplane woes. But what if there were some secret weapons to turn your trip into a breeze? On this episode of the CK & GK Podcast, we're diving deep into game-changing and totally affordable travel accessories that will have you feeling pampered and prepared, no matter where you roam. Get ready to ditch the travel stress and embrace unforgettable adventures!

Oh, and stay tuned for a travel tale that will have you in stitches, and maybe even inspire your next family inside joke. It's a story you won't want to miss.

GK is an experienced traveler and CK is a connoisseur of practical travel accessories. With a focus on enhancing the travel experience, they bring valuable expertise in identifying essential items for adults on the go. Their in-depth knowledge and insights into convenient and functional travel gear make them the perfect non-travel writers to discuss essential travel accessories. Draw from their travel experiences and gather these practical tips and recommendations to optimize your travel comfort and convenience.

This episode is all about

  • Discovering essential travel accessories for a seamless and stress-free journey.
  • AirTags—not just for your keys! Use them for effortless and reliable luggage tracking.
  • Streamlining your travel routine with compact miscellaneous item and medication organizers.

Get the items mentioned in this episode here!

In this episode, CK & GK discuss affordable travel accessories for adults, highlighting the must-have accessories that can enhance the travel experience. They share details on practical items such as seat back pocket organizers, AirTags, and modern “stuff” organizers that offer convenience and organization during trips. These essential items make for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience!

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Show Notes Transcript

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Tired of travel hassles bringing you down? We've all been there: lost luggage, tangled chargers, airplane woes. But what if there were some secret weapons to turn your trip into a breeze? On this episode of the CK & GK Podcast, we're diving deep into game-changing and totally affordable travel accessories that will have you feeling pampered and prepared, no matter where you roam. Get ready to ditch the travel stress and embrace unforgettable adventures!

Oh, and stay tuned for a travel tale that will have you in stitches, and maybe even inspire your next family inside joke. It's a story you won't want to miss.

GK is an experienced traveler and CK is a connoisseur of practical travel accessories. With a focus on enhancing the travel experience, they bring valuable expertise in identifying essential items for adults on the go. Their in-depth knowledge and insights into convenient and functional travel gear make them the perfect non-travel writers to discuss essential travel accessories. Draw from their travel experiences and gather these practical tips and recommendations to optimize your travel comfort and convenience.

This episode is all about

  • Discovering essential travel accessories for a seamless and stress-free journey.
  • AirTags—not just for your keys! Use them for effortless and reliable luggage tracking.
  • Streamlining your travel routine with compact miscellaneous item and medication organizers.

Get the items mentioned in this episode here!

In this episode, CK & GK discuss affordable travel accessories for adults, highlighting the must-have accessories that can enhance the travel experience. They share details on practical items such as seat back pocket organizers, AirTags, and modern “stuff” organizers that offer convenience and organization during trips. These essential items make for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience!

The best support is a rating and a share.


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00:00:01 - Jenny GK
It's Tuesday.

00:00:03 - Caitlin Kindred
It is Tuesday time.

00:00:06 - Jenny GK
Welcome to our show. This is CK and GK. We're the podcast for adults who need a grown up.

00:00:12 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. Today we're talking about grown up things that I have for travel that Jenny.

00:00:18 - Jenny GK
Wants, that I want, because, as you know, we took a fabulous vacation together, and basically, I spent the entire trip just drooling over Caitlin's little travel thing.

00:00:31 - Caitlin Kindred
Don't worry. I drooled over something she had, too. We'll share that with you. No worries.

00:00:36 - Jenny GK
All right. But before we do that, I have to introduce my co host, and Caitlin is the better jet setter.

00:00:45 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, I like that. Well, she's my elegant, tiny bus driver. She drove us all over Napa for. It was a couple of days, and then finally I was like, listen, I know you don't like this. Let me do the driving.

00:01:00 - Jenny GK
And I was like, okay, sounds great.

00:01:02 - Caitlin Kindred
And by tiny bus, what I mean is we had a Nissan kick. Did you know that's a thing? I did not know that was a car. It was a car. Yeah, it was.

00:01:09 - Jenny GK
We didn't mean that.

00:01:10 - Caitlin Kindred
Nope. We did not know. It is. It is an actual car. It drove pretty well. But if you are the princess from the princess in the pea, you will feel every single rock, stone, pothole, every single thing underneath it. You will feel it.

00:01:28 - Jenny GK
And that's not even, like, the best rental car story that we have from the best rental car story we have is that as we're picking up this Nissan kick, which, again, is what they modeled clown cars after, this couple walks up to the counter next to us and says, this car is no perfecto for me.

00:01:50 - Caitlin Kindred
That's really how they said it. These. I think they were like a scandinavian couple. And he walks up and he's like, this car is no perfecto for me. Like, what?

00:02:00 - Jenny GK
And he says to the agent, I need seat heating and a sunroof.

00:02:10 - Caitlin Kindred
There's nothing wrong.

00:02:11 - Jenny GK
There's nothing wrong with a car that.

00:02:13 - Caitlin Kindred
Does both of those. It fits their luggage.

00:02:14 - Jenny GK
It fits their body.

00:02:16 - Caitlin Kindred

00:02:16 - Jenny GK
The issue is that it doesn't have seat heat or sunroof.

00:02:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. Seat heating. And when. When the guy asked them, well, what kind of car do you drive at home? He was like, oh, Mercedes. He's like, well, I can find you a Mercedes, but it's gonna cost you this much. He's like, oh, no, no, no. That's fine. He goes, okay, well, the other thing. The other problem is it doesn't connect to my phone. And the man behind the counter is like, so, do you have the cord. And he was like, no, no, I don't have the wired. Like, what? Who's the one? He's like, well, you have a Ford. I can give you two options. You can have, like, a Ford Explorer or a jeep. Like, what are your choices if you don't want to get.

00:02:54 - Jenny GK
Because you're at Hertz rental car. This is not like, concierge service, guys.

00:03:02 - Caitlin Kindred
You want a Mercedes, you need to request it ahead of time and pay for that sort of tier of rental car. And they didn't want it.

00:03:10 - Jenny GK
The Nissan kick ain't got seat heating or sunroof or bluetooth connections to.

00:03:16 - Caitlin Kindred
No. And you know what? We were just fine. It had enough room for our luggage. It got us to and fro. It's fine. All good.

00:03:23 - Jenny GK
It did.

00:03:23 - Caitlin Kindred

00:03:24 - Jenny GK
And it had good gas mileage, because gas there starts with a five.

00:03:27 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, it was a fun. It was a fun trip. But we can get more into the details of the trip later. But first, we have to talk about all the cool things, apparently, that I have gotten via Buzzfeed articles.

00:03:43 - Jenny GK
Okay, so here. Here's the truth. During this trip, I had a running notepad full of things that Caitlin would break out of her backpack and be like, hey, I want that, too. What is that? Where'd you get that? So I had this whole list of things I just wanted to take from her. Yeah, I'm gonna beat her up and steal her shoes.

00:04:08 - Caitlin Kindred
I need to just, like, start a list on our website of, like, just stuff that we have that we like. And it's just going to be like, a running, like, CMS entry list where we just do it. Because I can't keep doing it in all the blog posts. It's just not. I can't keep up. You got too many cool things. Okay, so tell. Tell us what the first one was.

00:04:26 - Jenny GK
Okay, so the first one is this airplane seat back pocket thing.

00:04:32 - Caitlin Kindred

00:04:33 - Jenny GK
That you slide over the tray, and it makes your own airplane seat back pocket.

00:04:39 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. So when I get on the plane, the first thing I do is wipe down all of the. I know they do this on the plane. I know that the flight attendants will wipe down the surfaces and everything for you, but I can't help it. And I wipe down. I get out my little sanitizer wipes. I wipe down the. The seat that I'm sitting in, the armrest, the tray table, the window thingy that you use to pull up and down the handle on the shade, the seatbelt, and all the other things I can think of. And then I do the same for whoever's sitting by me. So then after that. Yeah, then after that, I take my airplane seat back pocket, and I put it over the tray table. So, like, it. It slides onto the tray table. And then when you close the tray table, you. You have, like, four extra pockets, and they're, like, sized differently, so you can, like, put your phone in or whatever. Yeah, it's really nice.

00:05:33 - Jenny GK
When I was in elementary, we had to fold paper bags to make book.

00:05:40 - Caitlin Kindred
Covers for our school textbooks. I can probably still do that, by the way. I loved it.

00:05:45 - Jenny GK

00:05:45 - Caitlin Kindred
I love doing that.

00:05:46 - Jenny GK
Then they had those stretchy ones that you could buy at the grocery store that didn't protect your book, but they made it look cool.

00:05:53 - Caitlin Kindred

00:05:54 - Jenny GK
That's the kind of thing that this airplane pocket does.

00:05:58 - Caitlin Kindred

00:05:58 - Jenny GK
That kind of fabric is made out. It's like, it slides right over, and then. So she's just, like, putting stuff in pockets and, like, sorting out her whole life just settling in. And meanwhile, I'm, like, trying to kick my carry on bag under the seat because I know it's not gonna fit in the overhead with everybody's rolling luggage. Just kind of sneering at her, like, why are you so cool?

00:06:22 - Caitlin Kindred
It's so. Well, why am I so addicted to Buzzfeed lists? I can't help it. But this thing is actually really helpful, because I also, like, it just helps me feel like I don't have to go digging through my bag the entire time, because once I shove it under there, I don't want to. Yeah. I don't want to have to get back out. Right.

00:06:38 - Jenny GK
And for me, you know, I shoved it under there, and I'm like, oh, I want my head.

00:06:42 - Caitlin Kindred
Right, exactly.

00:06:43 - Jenny GK
Oh, I forgot that I'm old, and I can't read without my readers. I got to take those out.

00:06:50 - Caitlin Kindred
I get it.

00:06:51 - Jenny GK
Okay, so, also on the plane.

00:06:53 - Caitlin Kindred

00:06:54 - Jenny GK
We have a layover in Denver, and we are sitting there, and Caitlin pulls out her phone and is scrolling and says, okay, well, my luggage made it here. And I'm like, excuse me. What?

00:07:10 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, well, you know, I just put.

00:07:11 - Jenny GK
An airtag in my luggage, like everyone has for the last five years. Get your life together. I have never seen this. Don, it's so great. I have heard rumors.

00:07:22 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, it's great. And it was.

00:07:25 - Jenny GK
She's just like, she doesn't have to worry. Like, I'm looking, trying to see if they're throwing it onto the cart or whatever.

00:07:31 - Caitlin Kindred
You shouldn't have to do, because our plane is the same one.

00:07:33 - Jenny GK
It's moving.

00:07:34 - Caitlin Kindred

00:07:35 - Jenny GK
No, that was dumb.

00:07:36 - Caitlin Kindred
No. The airtag in the bag is a relatively new one for me. I've heard tons of people doing it, but it really does provide a little bit of peace of mind. Also, I learned certain airlines, not every airline, but certain airlines, will tell you the progress of your bag. So when I flew from SFO to my spring break destination to meet my family, which we'll get into in a little bit, because there's a gem from there that you have to hear. My airline was like, oh, hey, we checked your bag. Oh, hey, it's on the plane. Oh, hey. It made it to your destination. Like, it was really. That was really nice. But the airtag piece is like, hey, just so you know, it's 15ft away. It's kind of. Yeah, it was. That was really nice.

00:08:19 - Jenny GK
It was nuts.

00:08:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. And great. Highly recommend, if you haven't already. And it's, like $25, I think, to get an airtag, the peace of mind is totally worth it.

00:08:29 - Jenny GK
Okay, so then we get to the house where we're staying, and then Caitlin unzips this, like, modern version of the caboodle for her makeup. It's, like, sleek and beautiful and has multiple layers for you to keep jewelry or makeup in. And, you know, I got this, like, bag that I got free when lancome, like, you bought two blushes and you got a free bag?

00:09:00 - Caitlin Kindred
This is my clear. I used it for my pharmacy, but it was like, it does kind of look a little bit like a caboodle. It's like a, there's like, a thick, thicker zipper layer on the bottom and then a thinner one on top. And it's got some, like, little straps in there to hold, you know, some sort of stick item, whatever it might be for you, a teeth whitener, a toothbrush, whatever. But I like it because it's clear, so I can see everything in it. That part was really nice to be able to have. It's a good, it's a good product. I recommend, you know, like, all of these things will be linked. I'm going to build a page. Maybe they won't be, maybe won't be this time around, but I'm going to build a page that has all these things on it so you can see it. But I do really like this particular item. I plan to use it a lot.

00:09:49 - Jenny GK
And so she says she uses this for her pharmacy, but, like, this is not the pharmacy.

00:09:54 - Caitlin Kindred
No, it wasn't the pharmacy.

00:09:56 - Jenny GK
The pharmacy comes later when she pops open this pill box that is about the size of a deck. Of playing cards.

00:10:05 - Caitlin Kindred

00:10:06 - Jenny GK
And mine is divided by day.

00:10:09 - Caitlin Kindred

00:10:09 - Jenny GK
Like you.

00:10:10 - Caitlin Kindred
As it should.

00:10:11 - Jenny GK
Because you're like, your grandma had it.

00:10:13 - Caitlin Kindred
No, I have that. I play Mancala with it. Yes. Drop all the little pills in. Yeah, no, I have that.

00:10:19 - Jenny GK
Yeah, for sure. But this is in addition to that. She opens it up. It's like a travel soap box.

00:10:24 - Caitlin Kindred

00:10:25 - Jenny GK
And inside are all these little dividers for you to put over the counter medicines in.

00:10:32 - Caitlin Kindred

00:10:32 - Jenny GK
They have vitamins.

00:10:33 - Caitlin Kindred

00:10:34 - Jenny GK
Or whatever. It's not divided by day.

00:10:36 - Caitlin Kindred

00:10:37 - Jenny GK
Which is really cool for the other things that you might carry with you.

00:10:42 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. Like, you know, there's, like, compartments for. There's bigger ones and smaller ones. And it looks like it has, like, a little guitar pick in there so that you don't jack up your nails as you're opening it up. That's right.

00:10:52 - Jenny GK
That's the other thing is it has.

00:10:53 - Caitlin Kindred
A fancy little tool to open. That's the part I like the most. Cause I jack up my nails and I've become a nail girly. And I don't like it when my nails could get messed up by these things. So. Yeah, that part was really cool. But I. I like it because there's, like, little labels you can write on them. The one that I really. That I just saw, of course, after I purchased this one, has, like, a little booklet of stickers. And it's. The stickers are like Tylenol. Like. Like, they look like the box.

00:11:19 - Jenny GK
Like the label.

00:11:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, they look like the. And I was like, oh, man, I missed out on that one. But that's okay. This is like. It's fine. I know I should post that one. That was good. But I really like the one I.

00:11:29 - Jenny GK
Have by that one. And it'll be better than.

00:11:31 - Caitlin Kindred

00:11:34 - Jenny GK
I mean, I will get a lot of use out of it.

00:11:37 - Caitlin Kindred
Right? Yeah, yeah, I'm. It's okay. You can have something that's so right.

00:11:44 - Jenny GK
You have this tool to open it so you don't break your nails.

00:11:47 - Caitlin Kindred

00:11:48 - Jenny GK
Here are the other things that she has for her nails.

00:11:50 - Caitlin Kindred

00:11:51 - Jenny GK
A cuticle oil, self contained brush.

00:11:55 - Caitlin Kindred
I'm using it right now. I have.

00:11:57 - Jenny GK
I haven't seen one of these in decades. Yeah, I used to have one in my purse in high school.

00:12:05 - Caitlin Kindred

00:12:05 - Jenny GK
And, you know, it's like a click brush. You turn it, oil comes out. You brush your cuticles. And so she just hands it to me casually, like, while we're on the train in Napa. Like, here. Do you want some cuticle oil back?

00:12:18 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, my hands are.

00:12:19 - Jenny GK
And, yes, I do and it's so much better than that stuff that it's either in a roller where it goes everywhere, or in a bottle where you're, like, trying to hold a bottle and do it. Yeah, this is just a little pen all in one.

00:12:34 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, it kind of easy. It looks like, like those teeth whiteners that you just brush onto your teeth. That's sort of what it looks like. And I. I'm obsessed with it. It's a really good bliss kiss is the brand. And you find it on your favorite a to z. Basically everything I'm telling you guys about here or that Jenny's telling you about. I found all of this stuff on a to Z store, but this one I really like because you can get it in a pack of two. And I have one that I keep at my desk, and then I have another one that I usually keep in the bathroom. But this time it came with us on the trip because it was. It was. I mean, you're. Especially when you're on vacation, you wash your hands so much. And I just didn't do a good job of, like, my nighttime routine where I like, shellac my hands in lotion and then, like, nail strengthener and then cuticle oil. So I was like, listen, this is. It was just.

00:13:25 - Jenny GK
No, we regularly went to bed at a single digit time.

00:13:29 - Caitlin Kindred
You did? I am a grandma.

00:13:31 - Jenny GK
But what I am saying is nobody did any nighttime routine.

00:13:35 - Caitlin Kindred
No, I know the one.

00:13:36 - Jenny GK
It was like head hits pillow.

00:13:38 - Caitlin Kindred

00:13:39 - Jenny GK
That's my nighttime routine.

00:13:40 - Caitlin Kindred
The one time I even, like, washed my face before bed, I still went to bed, like, close to. Close to midnight or, like, maybe a little bit after. Also, can we talk about how we had daylight savings time kick into high gear while we were there? And that was a horrible. We had a reservation for the breakfast, so.

00:14:02 - Jenny GK
Yes, you do reservation for brunch. And we're looking to see if we want to add another person to it. And there's plenty of seatings at eleven. And I was like, man, why Sunday brunch, 11:00 a.m. Why are there tables available? This is, like, cool. But also, did we pick a bad restaurant?

00:14:20 - Caitlin Kindred
No, no.

00:14:22 - Jenny GK
We just failed to remember that it's daylight savings time and nobody wanted to do eleven because that's really ten.

00:14:26 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. In Napa, whenever it's still, like, on Sunday morning. Yeah. Anyway, okay.

00:14:34 - Jenny GK
We were the only people in the restaurant.

00:14:36 - Caitlin Kindred

00:14:36 - Jenny GK
For a good hour. Okay, so here is something that I do not have to steal.

00:14:41 - Caitlin Kindred

00:14:41 - Jenny GK
Because Caitlin provided me my own pair blender's brand sunglasses.

00:14:47 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, so we talked about this a while ago. I believe we talked about Coach Prime's glasses. If you have not seen these, these are, they look kind of like Ray bans, but they're gold across the front and they're very shiny. And I had to have a pair. And when I bought them, I saw these pink cat eye rose gold glasses that were similar. And I was like, these are Jenny. Like, these have to be Jenny. So I got them for Jenny.

00:15:21 - Jenny GK
It was amazing.

00:15:21 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. So I got them for Jenny and I handed them to her. They were part of her birthday gift. The other part of our gift for each other was we went on this trip and we stayed and we paid for each other to, like, go and do fun things together, right? So that was fine. But I was like, no, she has to have, like, a little something. So I'm a big believer in, like, you get to open something for your birthday. I think that's a fun thing. So these sunnies are so cool. They're so cute and they look so good on her. I love them. They're perfect for you.

00:15:50 - Jenny GK
I am loving them too. So what you had to open for your birthday was just the door because Caitlin turned 40. But I celebrated like she was turning four and had a yard card.

00:16:06 - Caitlin Kindred
It was so great. My husband goes, there's something weird in the yard. And I was like, what? And he goes, just go look at it. And I was like, I don't believe you. Like, I know it's not something weird. I know that, like, there's something out there fully expecting to see, like, the balloon. Like the balloon. Yes, yes, yes, yes. In Texas, or maybe not all over Texas, but in Austin, you can pay for someone to come and put decorative balloons in the shape of a number outside your house.

00:16:37 - Jenny GK
And they're like, 10ft tall.

00:16:39 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, they're huge. So I was fully expecting to see, like, a big 40 balloon statue thing out there, but no, no, no, it was Austin yard cards. Shout out to Austin yard cards for making this happen and to Jenny for doing it. But it was like, it just said, happy birthday. Happy 40th birthday, Caitlin. I love it. It's gonna. I'll put that picture on the blog because it's super cute. It was funny, it made me laugh and I loved it.

00:17:02 - Jenny GK
I am cackling as I'm ordering it. Like, I wanna send her a yarn.

00:17:05 - Caitlin Kindred
Card like she's turning seven. You know what was so great about it? And I told you this. This is how you know that Jenny knows me. I want everyone to know that it's my birthday, but I don't want to tell anyone that it's my birthday because then I'm asking for attention now, everyone. So my neighbor is like, it was so great. And I was like, like, feeling all special, and it was hilarious to me. I loved it. I loved it. So, okay, I could tell you about the thing that I wanted that Jenny had while we were there. The thing. The thing. Okay. The thing.

00:17:46 - Jenny GK
I had a running list going of items I wanted to take. I had one that she wanted, but.

00:17:52 - Caitlin Kindred
Here'S what it is. Oh, I remember the other thing that we forgot on this list, and I'll come back to it in a second. But the thing I wanted. So Jenny. Jenny dressed herself appropriately for every single event that we had, including on day one when we traveled. And the first destination that we arrived at, aside from, like, you know, the hertz rental car place, was a champagne tasting. I am dressed appropriately for travel, as in tennis shoes, leggings, sweatshirt, hair up and dirty. Okay. And I did not change for the champagne tasting. You didn't mean to. Jenny shows up at this beautiful chateau place ready for a champagne tasting, and she's wearing, like, a dress. Now, everyone who wears dresses understands that part of why you wear dresses is because they're comfortable. And it's one. It's just. It makes easy to wear on the plane. Exactly. It makes you look put together. That said, it's still a dress, and you look better than someone who's wearing leggings and a sweatshirt and some big old clunky tennis. So whatever. But she also had a wrap that she wore for when it got chilly because it's napa. And it gets chilly. And Napa. Let's be real clear. It was not warm for most of the time we were there. It was beautiful, but not warm, but. Right. Right. And I have, like, you know, my wind, my carhartt like windbreaker. It's like a pullover windbreaker. And I have, like, a nice. I have nice makeup and nice hair and, like, nice clothes on underneath with my Carhartt windbreaker. Not the best look, but Jenny had this wrap shawl thing that I am obsessed with, and I made her give me the link, and instead it showed up at my house right after I got back, which is amazing.

00:19:44 - Jenny GK
But I love this thing.

00:19:48 - Caitlin Kindred
You have to explain it because it's so great.

00:19:51 - Jenny GK
So a few weeks before the trip, I got caught at a junior league meeting shopping for the trip. And it was in the break between making decisions. I wasn't not paying attention, but someone looked over and saw I was scrolling through and shopping and said, ah, what are you looking for? And I explained, I'm going to Napa, and I'm just looking for something that I could put on in the evenings when the temperature drops. And she was, oh, you need a fabulous cashmere wrap. And I was like, you need a fabulous reality check, because I am not the person who is buying a fabulous cashmere.

00:20:30 - Caitlin Kindred
You're just, like, a big old pashmina. Like, nothing wrong with having a pashmina. But, like, I'm just. I'm a girl on a budget here, right?

00:20:38 - Jenny GK
That's it. Like, I. I'm going on a teacher budget, right? To.

00:20:43 - Caitlin Kindred
To Napa.

00:20:44 - Jenny GK
Like, I have to save the cash where I can.

00:20:47 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. Yes.

00:20:50 - Jenny GK
Nissan kick.

00:20:52 - Caitlin Kindred
Hey, that thing. I got no complaints. I wouldn't buy it, but for rental. Oh, no.

00:20:59 - Jenny GK
It was the perfect rental. Perfect for what we were doing.

00:21:01 - Caitlin Kindred

00:21:03 - Jenny GK
So I go to China and

00:21:10 - Caitlin Kindred
There it is.

00:21:11 - Jenny GK
And I find this wrap that's, like, super soft. It's not cashmere soft, but it is soft.

00:21:18 - Caitlin Kindred

00:21:18 - Jenny GK
And it has a little bit of an unfinished edge so that it has a little bit of fringe on it. It's got this cool buckle where, if you want to wrap it and have it stayed secure, you can buckle it, or you can just throw it over your shoulders open. And it was $11, and it's beautiful.

00:21:36 - Caitlin Kindred
Like, you can't tell that it's $11 less than the tax, right.

00:21:39 - Jenny GK
On a fabulous cashmere wrap.

00:21:41 - Caitlin Kindred
You can't tell that it's $11. It's beautiful. And hers is a really nice brown color, and I made her get me a gray one, and I love it, love it, love it, love it.

00:21:53 - Jenny GK
Well, when Abby packed for me for this trip, she chose things all in kind of browns and beiges.

00:22:00 - Caitlin Kindred
Hmm. A neutral girl. I like it. Yes.

00:22:03 - Jenny GK
I meant she did all my packing.

00:22:06 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, okay. Well, hold on. Speaking of packing, the one other thing I have to tell you about. You loved that. Oh, yeah. Forgot. So I have these. It's like those little pump bottles, but they cut it. Comes in, like, a little tube of four. So instead of those TSA approved bottles that are all single. Single bottle that, like, you have to fill it up, and it takes up all these spaces. Cause you have, you know, six of them.

00:22:35 - Jenny GK
I did love this thing.

00:22:36 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. It is one, like, cylindrical thing that has a pump on the top. Stop. Yes. Close your eyes. Yes.

00:22:44 - Jenny GK
If you're not driving.

00:22:45 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, not me.

00:22:46 - Jenny GK
Imagine the pen that you really loved in fourth grade where you could click through different colors.

00:22:53 - Caitlin Kindred

00:22:53 - Jenny GK
And it had red, blue, green, black.

00:22:57 - Caitlin Kindred
And everyone always tried to push all the colors down.

00:22:59 - Jenny GK
And you tried to push all the colors at one time.

00:23:01 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. It's kind of like that. It's that. Yeah. You rotate the top, and then when you push down on the pump, the. One of the four, like, products inside will come out because you. And you can label them, and you can see how much is in there, and it, like. It's. It's really nice. So I was able to fit eight different products into these two, like, cylinders of things, and they each hold less than that. It's like they each hold 2oz or something like that, which for, like, lotion. That's a lot of low. 2oz of lotion is a lot. It'll get you through a ten day trip, which is what I ended up doing. So it was good. That's a good product. You liked that one? That's like. Yeah.

00:23:40 - Jenny GK
Okay, so things I wanted to steal from you. The multi pump travel liquid container.

00:23:48 - Caitlin Kindred

00:23:49 - Jenny GK
The seat, back pockets, the sunglasses, which I didn't have to steal. Cause you bought me my own pair. Thanks. BTW, the cuticle oil airtags for my luggage, which, again, welcome to the 20th century, Jen. Get your life together. And two boxes. One for makeup and jewelry and the other one for miscellaneous OTC meds.

00:24:13 - Caitlin Kindred

00:24:14 - Jenny GK
And the one thing that you liked, I had for $11. And you also now own.

00:24:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. And I've worn it around the house several times because I just like it.

00:24:24 - Jenny GK
It's like a cape.

00:24:25 - Caitlin Kindred
Yep. Super Mario.

00:24:27 - Jenny GK
All right, let's take a break. Okay, we're back.

00:24:35 - Caitlin Kindred
Do you feel like a grown up yet? If those are all those travel things that make. That made me feel like a grown.

00:24:40 - Jenny GK
Up, I would feel more like a grown up if I owned them.

00:24:43 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, we can make that happen. I got you. Yeah.

00:24:46 - Jenny GK
So I've been obsessed with those, but here's what I'm obsessed with right now.

00:24:50 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, tell me.

00:24:51 - Jenny GK
On the last episode, I told you I was obsessed with the eclipse.

00:24:54 - Caitlin Kindred

00:24:55 - Jenny GK
And I'm, like, still there.

00:24:56 - Caitlin Kindred
Well, it hasn't happened yet.

00:24:57 - Jenny GK
Of course it hasn't happened yet. I did a bunch of research on how ancient cultures have viewed or explained the eclipse.

00:25:08 - Caitlin Kindred

00:25:09 - Jenny GK
Okay, so there's, like, 20 or 30 different myths about the sun being eaten, which totally makes sense, because as the moon moves across it, of course it looks like a bite.

00:25:17 - Caitlin Kindred

00:25:19 - Jenny GK
But there are some myths out there that are pretty great.

00:25:25 - Caitlin Kindred

00:25:27 - Jenny GK
One is in the Navajo culture people do not watch the eclipse at all.

00:25:34 - Caitlin Kindred

00:25:36 - Jenny GK
It is representative of the son dying, and the son is a father figure in their culture. So they go inside and respectfully close their blinds and stay inside until the eclipse is over. Wow. So when there was an annular eclipse last fall, Monument Valley and four corners parks were closed because they're on navajo tribal land.

00:26:02 - Caitlin Kindred
Wow. That's very interesting. Yeah, yeah.

00:26:06 - Jenny GK
I thought that was really interesting. And then, surprisingly, there's not a lot of records from the Egyptians about eclipses, even though we know that the sun God ra was really important in their culture.

00:26:18 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, I'm shocked by that.

00:26:21 - Jenny GK
Right. You would think that there would just be, like, volumes and volumes and volumes.

00:26:25 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. But there's.

00:26:26 - Jenny GK
There's only a few stories, and Egyptologists will tell you that, like, maybe those stories weren't even about an eclipse.

00:26:35 - Caitlin Kindred
Weird. Yeah.

00:26:38 - Jenny GK
And then another one that I really like is a culture from Bolivia.

00:26:44 - Caitlin Kindred
Mm hmm.

00:26:45 - Jenny GK
Thought that when there's an eclipse, the sun cannot warm the earth, so they would light a lot of fires around the pasture to help keep the earth warm during the few minutes when the sun is covered.

00:26:58 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my goodness. What?

00:27:00 - Jenny GK
Which, if the fire is contained, it's a great way to renew the soil. So if this whole thing about eclipse is, like, new life and renewal and, like, covering the sun and resetting the universe, how cool is it to think, like, oh, they inadvertently were actually clearing the land and bringing to life new things that need fire in order to grow?

00:27:22 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. That's very interesting. I'm always fascinated by how people all over the world kind of view or explain these natural phenomena. Phenomena. Yeah, it's very. It's very interesting to me.

00:27:36 - Jenny GK
So I will give you one more eclipse fact.

00:27:38 - Caitlin Kindred

00:27:40 - Jenny GK
In 1919, there was a total eclipse of the sun, and Albert Einstein used it to prove his theory of relativity. Interesting.

00:27:54 - Caitlin Kindred

00:27:55 - Jenny GK
In 1916, he talked about how space and time could be bent by gravity, but he really didn't have any proof outside of his thought experiments. But in 1919, because the sun was covered up, they could actually look at the sun and look at stars and see how the light changed.

00:28:13 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, yeah. I had no idea.

00:28:19 - Jenny GK
On April 8, a lot of America is going to be under an eclipse, and there will be scientists out there using every second of totality to conduct scientific experiments that can only happen when the sun is covered.

00:28:32 - Caitlin Kindred

00:28:34 - Jenny GK

00:28:34 - Caitlin Kindred
I'm hoping to find out something cool, but in the meantime, I'm just going to be chilling outside and watching it as much as I can. It'll be awesome. Yeah. Speaking of awesome things, when you and I were in Napa, we stayed with your friend. Your friend has his own cave, right? I want my own cave. This is a cave that it will hold wine. Like, it is like a. It is a wine cave.

00:29:03 - Jenny GK
It is a wine storage, because he.

00:29:05 - Caitlin Kindred
Has a vineyard, right. But it is a hole in the mountain, and there's going to be a space for, like, intimate get togethers. And in the meantime, I walked through a cave on someone's.

00:29:21 - Jenny GK
You know, someone who owns a cave.

00:29:22 - Caitlin Kindred
And I want my own cave. And I'm obsessed with the idea of having one. I don't think it'll ever. It's not really on my bingo card for any time in the future, but it's really cool. And we walked into a mountain, and then there was, like, space to hold, like, wine barrels everywhere. And then we walked around in, like, a horseshoe sort of style thing. Found a place to have a nice get together inside a mountain with rock and stuff all around it, and then walked out of the other side of the mountain, right? Because we were in a cave in the side of. Not a mountain, a hill, but still pretty wild. That was amazing. It was crazy. Yeah.

00:30:07 - Jenny GK
Like, oh, yeah, that. That's a mark from the dynamite when they.

00:30:10 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, oh, yeah. When they. When they blew this up to make this cave, there's, like, a big hole there. That's where they put the dynamite.

00:30:15 - Jenny GK
Like, what?

00:30:17 - Caitlin Kindred

00:30:18 - Jenny GK
This is not like a naturally occurring cave that.

00:30:20 - Caitlin Kindred
No, it was a blasted. It was a blasted cave, but still. Very cool. Well done. Okay, so you know what you find in caves? Rock gems. Oh, rocks. Did we. Are we gonna tell everybody how you walked up to a rock? When we were on our hike out there, and we were like, I have to smell this rock.

00:30:42 - Jenny GK
I did have to smell a rock. I love this.

00:30:44 - Caitlin Kindred
It had moss on it. She likes the smell of moss.

00:30:48 - Jenny GK
And when she was in an environment like. Yes. Like the Pacific Northwest, moss grows on everything. And so northern California, it's misty, it's cold. Moss is growing on the rocks. And so I veer off the trail and like, hey, hang on, I gotta smell this rock, right?

00:31:07 - Caitlin Kindred
She literally says to me, hold on, I have to smell this rock. And I. Not knowing how much she loved the smell of moss, was like, I'm sorry, what? And I look over, and her face.

00:31:17 - Jenny GK
Is like, this is a morning hike in a rock. You have not had wine yet. Like, what are you talking about?

00:31:22 - Caitlin Kindred
She's literally, like, huffing this rock. And I was like, I do not know what's happening right now. But then. But then she turns and goes, oh, my gosh, I love the smell of moss. And I was like, okay, that I understand. Like, people love the smell of, like, natural things, right? Like freshly grass or, like, things like. That made total sense to me. But hang on, I have to smell this rock. And then, like, her full face is in. I was like, I really just stopped him. Was like, um. What? She explained, but it took me a second. Okay, so tell me your gem.

00:32:00 - Jenny GK
Okay, so here's my. Here's my gem. It came from my five year old a few nights ago. He looks at me, says, what does ha mean? I'm like, ha ha. Like something's funny. Like, it's a way to write out a laugh. And he says, no, like in aloha.

00:32:16 - Caitlin Kindred
I know the hello part, but I don't know the ha. Oh, he's so sweet.

00:32:20 - Jenny GK
I didn't correct him.

00:32:21 - Caitlin Kindred
No, never correct him. Oh, it's so cute. Hello.

00:32:27 - Jenny GK

00:32:27 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, what a sweetheart. Nope, nobody ever correct it. It's like at our house, yogurt covered raisins are yogurt beans. And I'm telling you now, if someone ever fixes it, I will be so upset. Mom, can I have more beans? Excuse me? Yogurt beans. Oh, yeah. Okay, no problem. Yes.

00:32:45 - Jenny GK
Well, let me tell you, you do have to fix it at some point, because my sister was in her twenties when she found out that you don't have to be Mormon to live in the state of Utah, because this is something that we let her believe our whole childhood.

00:32:59 - Caitlin Kindred
That's amazing. Okay, now I'll correct it. At some point.

00:33:03 - Jenny GK
At some point, before you release your child into the world, let them know that you do not have to be Mormon to live in Utah. Yogurt covered raisins are not beans. And the word is aloha, not haloha.

00:33:16 - Caitlin Kindred
So cute. Okay, well, now is the time where I embarrass myself. Are you ready? Cause you're gonna love this. I saved this story just for you.

00:33:26 - Jenny GK
Love a good save the mic story.

00:33:28 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay. So after Jenny and I went to Napa, I met my family in Cabo San Lucas for our spring break. We managed to get a steal on everything to get down there. It was just a no brainer for us. So we head down there, and a few days in, you know, I've got, like, as much of a base tan as I can possibly get. And now I want you to understand, if you don't know what I write, if you don't know what I look like, imagine magically delicious. Imagine paper, and then give it, like, a slight, like, pinkish hue and some red hair and freckles. And that's what I look like. I am so pale. Okay. With, like, a. With, like, a pink undertone. So I am, like, slathered in mineral sunscreen to, like, try and not burn, because that's just how I am. But I, you know, I did. Okay. I only got, like, one burn on my head. And we'll talk about that another time. But I am enjoying my time on the beach, and I'm enjoying my time at the pool. What we would do is we would get some breakfast, go down to the beach for a few hours, hang out, and then head to the pool, where we would get all the sand off of ourselves and then go back into our space so that we wouldn't get sand all over the place. Well, um, place on the way out of the beach, there is a little ice cream place. And of course, obviously, if you have a seven year old and you're leaving the beach, you have to stop and get ice cream. Yeah. And, um, we've got our ice cream, and it's. Mine's in a cup because I'm clumsy. And here's evidence of how clumsy I am. I'm wearing, like, those pillow, um, puffy. Not flip flops, but, like, oh, the cloud slides. Slides. Yes. Thank you. And Pabo has very slick sidewalks. And also the, like, holes are kind of in the middle of the sidewalk, so you have to walk around them. And sometimes you are going to have to step off onto the curb. And the curbs are all sloped. They're not like a hard curb. It's like a slide down kind of. Curb. Curb. Well, I'm walking with my ice cream and my slide. I'm walking around a pool of my slide. I slip on the curb.

00:35:58 - Jenny GK
Oh, no.

00:35:58 - Caitlin Kindred
And I go down, but I go down slow mo. And I'm trying to save the ice cream, and I just completely eat it. And the next thing I know, my ice cream is upside down in the street, and my legs are up in the air like a voice. And I hear. I hear out loud from across the street, some vendors going, whoa. Saw me eat it at, like, 02:00.

00:36:30 - Jenny GK
You were the best part of their day.

00:36:32 - Caitlin Kindred
So then the next, like, the rest of the trip, I couldn't wear the same cover up because I knew they would know who I was.

00:36:38 - Jenny GK
They would recognize.

00:36:40 - Caitlin Kindred
So I was like, oh, my God. I've never been more embarrassed. And I, like, scrape off the top bit of my ice cream. Whack it onto the ground, pick myself up, and just mortifyingly walk and eat the rest of my ice cream the rest of the trip. Sam was like, mom, be careful. This is a curb. This is a curb. Mom, be careful. Bryce is like, yeah. You okay there? He knew. Like, he knew I embarrassed myself enough that he didn't need to, like, ride that train and, like, make me more embarrassed. But when enough time has passed, I can guarantee you I will never live this down. It was slow. I watched the ice. I can watch the street. I watched my leg. I looked like a turtle, like, on their back. Like.

00:37:26 - Jenny GK
That happened to me once when I was pregnant. I fell behind the couch, and I got stuck on my back. And I'm yelling, I'm turtling, I'm turtling.

00:37:34 - Caitlin Kindred
I can't get off my shell.

00:37:36 - Jenny GK
And of course, Abby and John are laughing at me.

00:37:43 - Caitlin Kindred
Really was like a turtle. And I had, like, all the beach bag stuff. I'm just got my. I kept my spoon. My spoon didn't go street. I held on to that sucker, but the ice cream totally was face down into the street. I just. And I just scraped the dirt off of it.

00:37:58 - Jenny GK
And the next time that Bryce gives you ice cream, he's gonna just scrape the top off and serve it to you flat.

00:38:06 - Caitlin Kindred
It was.

00:38:07 - Jenny GK
I know you're not really into the scoop, right?

00:38:09 - Caitlin Kindred
It was so embarrassing. The worst part truly, was the, like, vendadoris across the street going, whoa. Like, clearly.

00:38:15 - Jenny GK
Clearly that chick just.

00:38:19 - Caitlin Kindred
And the funniest. Like, it's Cabo San Lucas at spring break. Everyone is falling down. Everyone. Like, but I'm the only one within ages.

00:38:30 - Jenny GK
I'll start with a two.

00:38:31 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. Or a one. Or what? I am days away from my 40th birthday, happily eating my ice cream, and I slow mo fall and roll around on the curb like a turtle. It was the most scariest thing done in a really long time. But, oh, man, you need a t.

00:38:52 - Jenny GK
Shirt from cabo that just has a turtle as, like, the mascot on it.

00:38:56 - Caitlin Kindred
I'll ask kit to pick it out. Yeah. It was so embarrassing. It was so funny. Like, I can laugh at it this hard now, but at the time, I was like, no, I'm fine. Like, I'm, like, my ankle, I didn't roll it. My slide literally slipped down the curb and down like a windmill.

00:39:15 - Jenny GK
Only thing that's hurts my pride.

00:39:17 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, man. I was mortified.

00:39:18 - Jenny GK
And the top of my ice cream.

00:39:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Ice cream, I miss it. It was good ice cream. It was like gelato. So good.

00:39:24 - Jenny GK
All right. Y'all, if you have had an embarrassing fall, that's better than falling down in front of vendors.

00:39:31 - Caitlin Kindred

00:39:32 - Jenny GK
Or falling.

00:39:33 - Caitlin Kindred

00:39:34 - Jenny GK
Or falling up the stairs and spilling your latte and crying over spilt latte. Tweet at us.

00:39:43 - Caitlin Kindred
I want to hear it. X at us.

00:39:45 - Jenny GK
Message us.

00:39:46 - Caitlin Kindred
Do it on the. On Instagram. I'm not so good at. Tell your friends the best thing you can do to support us. Please share this with your friends because we love it.

00:39:57 - Jenny GK
Okay? So watch where you put your feet.

00:40:01 - Caitlin Kindred
Make good choices, and don't shout whoa. At someone. When they fall, they fall. Just the first thing out of your mouth should be, are you okay? And then you're allowed to cackle about it. Goodbye. Aloha.