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18 Thanksgiving Fun Facts Guaranteed To Get People Talking At Your Table

November 21, 2023 Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred Season 3 Episode 94
18 Thanksgiving Fun Facts Guaranteed To Get People Talking At Your Table
CK & GK Podcast
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CK & GK Podcast
18 Thanksgiving Fun Facts Guaranteed To Get People Talking At Your Table
Nov 21, 2023 Season 3 Episode 94
Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred

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Happy Thanksgiving! 
This week, Jenny GK, trivia mastermind, dives into Thanksgiving fun facts and trivia. Meanwhile, Caitlin tries to avoid getting stumped by the answers! Together, they navigate a hilarious battle of knowledge and embarrassment!

I learned something new today and it made me laugh out loud. Education can be fun and hilarious! —Jenny GK

In this episode, discover fascinating Thanksgiving fun facts and trivia that will impress (weird out?) your friends and family at the dinner table, like

  • Sarah Josepha Hale and her influence on making Thanksgiving a national holiday,
  • the history behind the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade, and
  • President Coolidge's live raccoon, Rebecca, and the unique story behind her pardon.

Want more facts? Visit the blog post for this episode.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 
This week, Jenny GK, trivia mastermind, dives into Thanksgiving fun facts and trivia. Meanwhile, Caitlin tries to avoid getting stumped by the answers! Together, they navigate a hilarious battle of knowledge and embarrassment!

I learned something new today and it made me laugh out loud. Education can be fun and hilarious! —Jenny GK

In this episode, discover fascinating Thanksgiving fun facts and trivia that will impress (weird out?) your friends and family at the dinner table, like

  • Sarah Josepha Hale and her influence on making Thanksgiving a national holiday,
  • the history behind the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade, and
  • President Coolidge's live raccoon, Rebecca, and the unique story behind her pardon.

Want more facts? Visit the blog post for this episode.

Sources for this episode

The best support is a rating and a share.


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00:00:01 - Jenny GK
Hey, Caitlin. Jimmy Buffett just called from heaven, and he's so excited because every day there is cruise day.

00:00:15 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, bless you, Jimmy Buffett. Guys, we're so glad you're here. It is a fun episode today because you're probably doing the things for Thanksgiving. Yes. You're probably just baking or cleaning or both or screaming at children or whatever it is. So we have a fun one today. It's all just Thanksgiving fun facts and trivia. And I assure you that as the elementary certified social studies teacher, I probably don't know any of these answers. This is going to be really embarrassing. But first, we have to introduce everyone.

00:00:55 - Jenny GK

00:00:56 - Caitlin Kindred
Meaning the two of us.

00:00:57 - Jenny GK
With us today is Caitlin, who's so hot. I need oven mitts.

00:01:04 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my gosh. How perfectly apropos. I love it. I also just used a fancy word.

00:01:11 - Jenny GK
I'm proud you did.

00:01:12 - Caitlin Kindred
I'm so proud of myself. Well, that's Jenny. She's my delicious stack of waffles. I know. Oh, that's good. Thanks. I like that one, too.

00:01:25 - Jenny GK
All right, well, you sent me some pretty exciting information about our show.

00:01:30 - Caitlin Kindred
I did. It made me laugh out loud. And again, I don't know why I laughed out loud, but I was sitting at swim lessons, as I do, and I got this email and I sent Jenny this picture, and I'm pulling it up right now. You guys, we are currently ranking in CK & GK Podcast Hot 100 for education how to in New Zealand.

00:02:05 - Jenny GK
So shout out to all my Kiwis out there. Thanks for listening.

00:02:09 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, it's really awesome of you. And to me, it makes a little bit more sense because it is an English speaking country that there would be somebody there listening. Yeah. Because I don't understand how. I mean, I don't know what language, aside from. Is Polish the dominant language in Poland?

00:02:27 - Jenny GK

00:02:27 - Caitlin Kindred
But I guess so.

00:02:29 - Jenny GK
All right, so I have some Thanksgiving trivia questions.

00:02:35 - Caitlin Kindred

00:02:36 - Jenny GK
And I have blocked out the answers. So you can cheat if you want to, but don't.

00:02:46 - Caitlin Kindred
I won't cheat.

00:02:48 - Jenny GK
The first question I have for you was or is how long was the first Thanksgiving?

00:02:58 - Caitlin Kindred
I know how long they usually are at my house, which is several hourS. I'm going to guess more than that because it was, like, harvesting and stuff.

00:03:07 - Jenny GK
It was three days long. When did it happen? What year? Do you know?

00:03:13 - Caitlin Kindred
16. You know what I have in my head right now? So in the Disney movie Pocahontas, in which Pocahontas is portrayed not historically accurately, there's that song in the beginning where they're, like, in 1607 and I know it's like around that time they sailed the ocean Seas. That song something. 21.

00:03:36 - Jenny GK
Yeah, it's around that time.

00:03:38 - Caitlin Kindred
Virginia Company.

00:03:41 - Jenny GK
That's so great.

00:03:42 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, 1621. Okay, so I wasn't too far off.

00:03:45 - Jenny GK
21. Yeah, no, not too far off at all.

00:03:47 - Caitlin Kindred
All right.

00:03:48 - Jenny GK
Okay. Who were the native peoples with whom the pilgrims celebrated.

00:03:54 - Caitlin Kindred
Thanks. I do know this one, but I'm going to say it wrong. The Wampanagger. Wampanag. Is that right?

00:04:00 - Jenny GK
I think that's how you say it.

00:04:01 - Caitlin Kindred

00:04:03 - Jenny GK
Great job.

00:04:04 - Caitlin Kindred
I do know that one. Okay, this one's a gimme.

00:04:07 - Jenny GK
What type of nut is in pecan pie?

00:04:12 - Caitlin Kindred
I believe they're pronounced pecans.

00:04:15 - Jenny GK
Pecans. So I put this in there because one of the trivia question lists I looked up actually had this on there.

00:04:24 - Caitlin Kindred
Well, that's like that question. Oh.

00:04:26 - Jenny GK
I always used to show who's buried in Grant's tomb? It's pecan pie, guys. Walnuts.

00:04:36 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. Almonds, obviously. No, there's a math video, and I don't really like the video for what it is now, looking back on it, but I used to show it to my 6th graders all the time. And it's. If I'm driving 80 miles an hour, how long will it take me to travel 80 miles? And it's a husband asking his wife and she's calculating it, she's like, well, the tires rotate, there's like 100 rotations. And he's like, yeah, 100 rotations. Like what? And then she's like, well. And I can run like a seven and a half. And he's like, yeah, okay. And then you see her fake running and she's like, so it's got to be like 58 minutes. And he's like, pretty close.

00:05:23 - Jenny GK
Pretty close.

00:05:25 - Caitlin Kindred
It's like a solid three or four minute video. And he just sits there cackling at.

00:05:31 - Jenny GK
Her while she's trying to make me think of Miss America.

00:05:35 - Caitlin Kindred
Well, some people in our nation don't have maps. Yeah, that one.

00:05:43 - Jenny GK
All right, how many women were at the first Thanksgiving?

00:05:46 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my gosh. Well, they had to do all the cooking and cleaning, so there had to be at least a few. A handful. Like ten.

00:05:53 - Jenny GK
It was five. Five. Now, the reason there were so few is not because they were all in the kitchen, but because many of them had died after coming over on the Mayflower.

00:06:08 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, well, all right, so there were.

00:06:12 - Jenny GK
Just fewer women in general.

00:06:14 - Caitlin Kindred
Well, they didn't bring that many to begin with. Right, right. Because it was mostly like single dudes that they were bringing.

00:06:21 - Jenny GK
All right, so which president received a live raccoon as a Thanksgiving president?

00:06:33 - Caitlin Kindred
Teddy Roosevelt.

00:06:35 - Jenny GK
That would make sense. It was actually Caitlin Kindred.

00:06:38 - Caitlin Kindred

00:06:39 - Jenny GK
This guy, Vinny Joyce from Mississippi sent him a live raccoon that he was supposed to eat for.

00:06:52 - Caitlin Kindred
Mm mm. First of all, we don't eat trash pandas because they're too precious. Second of all, we don't eat trash pandas because they're rabid. Can you imagine being sent alive? Raccoon.

00:07:05 - Jenny GK

00:07:06 - Caitlin Kindred
Like, that thing would have clawed the inside of whatever.

00:07:09 - Jenny GK
You had that in, like, a recipe book.

00:07:14 - Caitlin Kindred
And a blade to skin it.

00:07:15 - Jenny GK
President Coolidge liked the raccoon and named her Rebecca.

00:07:19 - Caitlin Kindred
Yay. Okay, so there's a happy ending.

00:07:22 - Jenny GK
Okay, there's a happy ending. He pardoned her.

00:07:24 - Caitlin Kindred
What a weird name for a raccoon. Rebecca. Oh, well, I guess Rebecca the Rack. Okay, fine. He pardoned her. How cute.

00:07:31 - Jenny GK
He pardoned her. So I want to know, who was the first president to pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving?

00:07:42 - Caitlin Kindred
I feel like this tradition is probably pretty old, but every time I have a hunch like that, it's wrong. So I'm going to guess, I don't know. Eisenhower.

00:07:59 - Jenny GK
It was JFK.

00:08:01 - Caitlin Kindred

00:08:02 - Jenny GK
And then it didn't happen again for a while. You said this tradition is pretty old.

00:08:08 - Caitlin Kindred

00:08:10 - Jenny GK
The person who started it as a yearly tradition was H. W. Bush. And if I'm not wrong, he was president after you were born.

00:08:25 - Caitlin Kindred

00:08:30 - Jenny GK
Sure was. So I would say the tradition isn't the only thing that we feel like might be, quote, pretty old.

00:08:41 - Caitlin Kindred
I told you this is not my expertise. I do not know any of this. I knew one answer.

00:08:49 - Jenny GK
All right, speaking of turkeys, how many turkeys are prepared for Thanksgiving dinner in America each year?

00:08:59 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't know.

00:09:02 - Jenny GK
There's 330,000,000 Americans, if that helps you. And remember that a lot of them are sharing a turkey.

00:09:08 - Caitlin Kindred

00:09:10 - Jenny GK
And there's 100 rotations, ten and 25%. And I can run a seven and a half minute.

00:09:16 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. So between, like, ten. No, between ten and 15%. Maybe 20% if we're sharing turkeys. I don't know, like, 30, 35 million.

00:09:33 - Jenny GK
46 million turkeys.

00:09:36 - Caitlin Kindred
Hey, that wasn't terrible, all things considered.

00:09:39 - Jenny GK
No, you were closest without going over. You're not playing against anyone. But if you were, okay.

00:09:44 - Caitlin Kindred

00:09:45 - Jenny GK
You would go home with the showcase.

00:09:46 - Caitlin Kindred
Showed up. 4501. Like Drew. Right.

00:09:53 - Jenny GK
All right, how many pumpkin pies are consumed each year at Thanksgiving?

00:09:58 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, I got to double it, because if I said 35 million, because there are people who like pie is a big deal. Although there's different kinds of pies. So I'm going to say, I will.

00:10:10 - Jenny GK
Tell you it is not one to one turkey to pumpkin pie.

00:10:13 - Caitlin Kindred
No, it's more. It's got to be more pies. Turkeys are bigger and people want pie. Let's go. 50 million is correct. Really?

00:10:27 - Jenny GK
Yes. Oh, my gosh. You're at two so far. Great job.

00:10:31 - Caitlin Kindred
The number ones are the hardest. So the other day I tweeted about. I didn't tweet because I don't tweet that much anymore, but I threaded thread. Threaded, whatever. About how apparently I am now the person who not only watches family feud in the evenings, but also gets angry when the answers that the people give are not the right ones. Right.

00:11:01 - Jenny GK
Don't make sense at all.

00:11:03 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. Where I'm like, why did you choose that? The answer is obviously head. Like, what? You know what I mean? I completely lose my mind. And I've decided that when they do fast money at the end, which I just learned a name of, because even though I've been watching it, I didn't know it was called fast money, the number ones are the hardest. So if I'm getting a number one right, like the number questions, then I feel like I'm doing okay. So I got one number one right. Okay, cool. All right, give me another one.

00:11:30 - Jenny GK
FeatheR in your cap. What percent of Americans skip turkey on Thanksgiving?

00:11:37 - Caitlin Kindred

00:11:38 - Jenny GK
What percent of America?

00:11:42 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't know. 20%.

00:11:48 - Jenny GK

00:11:50 - Caitlin Kindred
Really? They skipped turkey. Okay. This is Turkey 12%. Okay. I'm just wondering if that includes people who also don't celebrate it at all or this is just the celebrators.

00:12:04 - Jenny GK
I think this is if you are attending a Thanksgiving event and not eating the turkey.

00:12:12 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay. All right. Yeah. Most people.

00:12:14 - Jenny GK
If we were to say that Chandler was the only friend who didn't eat Thanksgiving foods, that would be one out of six, which is 16%. So they were close to average.

00:12:27 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, they were also. Those are all probably kids, right, who you spend all day making all the food and all they want is, what is a roll? Yes. There it is. That's probably it.

00:12:39 - Jenny GK
Okay. In 2022, how much did the average Thanksgiving dinner cost per person?

00:12:50 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my gosh. Everything is so expensive. Which by.

00:12:56 - Jenny GK
I was shocked by this one.

00:12:58 - Caitlin Kindred
We are looking for sponsors. If anyone would like to sponsor us. This is coming out of our pocket, so.

00:13:02 - Jenny GK

00:13:02 - Caitlin Kindred

00:13:03 - Jenny GK

00:13:04 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't. $75.84.

00:13:12 - Jenny GK

00:13:15 - Caitlin Kindred
Yuck. Ew.

00:13:18 - Jenny GK
It's a lot.

00:13:19 - Caitlin Kindred
So much money.

00:13:20 - Jenny GK
But it's not as much as the next question. I'm going to ask you, what is the average number of calories consumed sick by a person at Thanksgiving?

00:13:30 - Caitlin Kindred
It's got to be like twice the daily amount that you're recommended. It's like 4000.

00:13:34 - Jenny GK
It's got to be 4500. It's 4500.

00:13:40 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my gosh, that's so many.

00:13:43 - Jenny GK
That's the average.

00:13:44 - Caitlin Kindred
That's the average.

00:13:45 - Jenny GK
There's somebody out there eating 10,000 calories.

00:13:48 - Caitlin Kindred
In one day and it's not Michael Fowler. Right. I was going to say, and it's not an Olympic swimmer. Oh, gosh, that's so much. See, I always feel like my eyes are bigger than my stomach on Thanksgiving, which is probably a good thing, but, oh, man, I make it up in pie the next day.

00:14:07 - Jenny GK
I love. Oh, sure. And I did see one statistic that 80% of Americans prefer Thanksgiving leftovers to Thanksgiving dinner.

00:14:18 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't really go for the leftover meal part, but I love the leftover desserts. I feel like after it's all kind of settled in and. Yeah, I love it.

00:14:30 - Jenny GK
Okay, so this one relates to the amount of food being eaten. A little bit. Black Friday is the biggest day of the year. For what trade, profession?

00:14:45 - Caitlin Kindred
It has to be plumbers. It has to be plumbers. Because I'm thinking about. Okay, when I was a kid, I remember this. Our garbage disposal broke on Thanksgiving every year at Thanksgiving. Yeah, but that's just the day. But if you're talking about eating, it's got to be the day after, which has got to be.

00:15:04 - Jenny GK
And the thing is, when your disposal breaks on Thanksgiving, you tough it out.

00:15:08 - Caitlin Kindred

00:15:08 - Jenny GK
You're like, okay, it's not flooding.

00:15:10 - Caitlin Kindred
It won't go anymore. Exactly.

00:15:13 - Jenny GK
We'll call tomorrow.

00:15:15 - Caitlin Kindred

00:15:17 - Jenny GK
So my guess is a lot of people call tomorrow.

00:15:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not put oil or liquid butter or regular butter down your garbage disposal. Like, don't.

00:15:30 - Jenny GK
Just liquid fat doesn't go down the.

00:15:32 - Caitlin Kindred
No. Line a bowl with some foil and then pour it into the foil and then freeze it and throw it away and take.

00:15:43 - Jenny GK
I do the same thing when I'm cooking on a cookie sheet. I line it with foil and then I just let it sit out and it congeals and then I can just roll up the foil. Just don't.

00:15:54 - Caitlin Kindred
All right. Gross or bones. Don't put bones down the drain either.

00:15:58 - Jenny GK
Oh, yeah, people do.

00:16:00 - Caitlin Kindred
It's gross.

00:16:02 - Jenny GK
Okay. I'm, like thinking of human bones. I know that's not what you meant, but still considering someone, like, there's a.

00:16:09 - Caitlin Kindred
Whole story about that. There's a whole story about a guy in England, I think, who was putting body parts down the drain, and people were having plumbing problems, and that's how they figured out that he had. Go find my favorite murder. Go listen to that.

00:16:27 - Jenny GK
All right. I'm introducing you to a figure from American history named Sarah Josephina Hale.

00:16:35 - Caitlin Kindred

00:16:36 - Jenny GK
And she really campaigned for Thanksgiving to become a national holiday. Every year since George Washington, the president has declared a National day of Thanksgiving. The only president who didn't do it was Thomas Jefferson, because he very vehemently believed that in separation of church and state, and he felt that Thanksgiving was a religious holiday in nature and did not want to make it a national holiday. It was not officially a national holiday until the 1860s, when it became marked as a day every year. We didn't have to wait for the president to be like, will he or won't he? So Sarah Josephina Hale was the woman behind this big campaign. She also wrote a very famous song. What is that.

00:17:40 - Caitlin Kindred
Classical? Is it like. Because you probably song, an adult song, like a patriotic song, and it is.

00:17:47 - Jenny GK
Not patriotic in nature, but you are on the right track.

00:17:53 - Caitlin Kindred
It's not twinkle, twinkle, little Star, because somebody else wrote that.

00:17:56 - Jenny GK
Or should I say you're in the right Meadow sheep farm?

00:18:03 - Caitlin Kindred
Is it Mary had a little lamb? Yes, I'm jumping. Oh, my God. Why did I go from Meadow to sheep to farm and then back to Mary had a little lamb? What? Oh, my.

00:18:21 - Jenny GK
It doesn't matter.

00:18:22 - Caitlin Kindred
You got it right? Wait. Okay, so here's the deal.

00:18:26 - Jenny GK
She wrote Mary had a little lamb. She did a lot of other things. She was a magazine editor, and she was a staunch supporter of gender roles in the home. In fact, she was against the women's suffrage movement because she felt that women who got involved in politics wouldn't be available at home. So I don't necessarily agree to everything that she says, but she did use her power as editor for good, and she pushed and pushed and pushed for Thanksgiving to become a day. She wrote a letter to President Lincoln, and it is often praised as the reason that he declared a national day of Thanksgiving to happen every year.

00:19:08 - Caitlin Kindred
So now I'm thinking, if she's so into traditional gender roles, would she just want a day where she would just be cooking the entire day? I know how he should be.

00:19:22 - Jenny GK
Like, I am going to declare Thanksgiving, and the women are not going to cook.

00:19:26 - Caitlin Kindred

00:19:27 - Jenny GK
Because the other 364 days a year, I want them to.

00:19:30 - Caitlin Kindred
Right? Like, that's my thanks, is I'm not cooking, and I'm not cleaning. Like, what? Why? And I fully aware for our male identifying listeners that, yes, there are plenty of men who do the cooking on Thanksgiving. My dad one of them. Yeah, my husband, he sews the turkey shut. My husband is one of them. I get it. And I only make dessert. I'm not good at making anything else, so that's all I do. But traditionally there are lots of women who are dealing with being the person. So kind of blame this. What's her name? Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah what?

00:20:12 - Jenny GK
Sarah Jessica. Sarah Josephina Hale.

00:20:15 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, same. No, not the same, but still, I had the idea. Well, thank you for Thanksgiving. Also, there's probably some women who are mad at you. P. S. Also, Mary had a little lamb is a little bit of an obnoxious song. Just putting that out there.

00:20:28 - Jenny GK
But it did stand the test of time.

00:20:29 - Caitlin Kindred
It did. Yeah. All right, fine.

00:20:31 - Jenny GK
All right. What city has the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade?

00:20:35 - Caitlin Kindred
It's not New York.

00:20:36 - Jenny GK
No, that would be obvious. I wouldn't ask if it was New York.

00:20:39 - Caitlin Kindred

00:20:40 - Jenny GK
It is Philadelphia.

00:20:41 - Caitlin Kindred
One of the older cities.

00:20:43 - Jenny GK
That was good thinking. That was good thinking. Phillies Parade started in 1920. The Macy's Day parade in New York started in 24. And in 1928, they added balloons to the Macy's parade.

00:20:55 - Caitlin Kindred
Did you see the bluey balloon last year?

00:20:57 - Jenny GK

00:20:58 - Caitlin Kindred
I loved the bluey balloon. And it was so cute how they were promoting her being there.

00:21:02 - Jenny GK
I love when there's a new balloon. Like, they always do such a good job with it.

00:21:06 - Caitlin Kindred
I cry every year when that stupid parade starts. Every single year. I don't know why, but I think.

00:21:13 - Jenny GK
I've told you this before, but when I was growing up, we had a rule about the Thanksgiving Day parade. The turkey had to be in the oven before the Rockets came on. And so they would say, like, coming up after the break, the Rockettes and my dad's like frantically trying to sew the turkey shut, get it into the oven. Otherwise Thanksgiving would be ruined.

00:21:30 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. Well, what time do you guys usually eat on Thanksgiving?

00:21:33 - Jenny GK
Like four ish.

00:21:34 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay. I know people who've eaten at like 230. To me, that's too early, kids. I'm just going to eat more.

00:21:42 - Jenny GK
No, I do not know.

00:21:43 - Caitlin Kindred
No, I want it to be more of a dinner.

00:21:47 - Jenny GK
At our house. It is a dinner. We sit down around four ish. Take our time, eat. Remember I said last week we go for a Walk?

00:21:55 - Caitlin Kindred

00:21:55 - Jenny GK
Then we come back and do dessert.

00:21:58 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, that makes sense.

00:21:59 - Jenny GK
All right.

00:21:59 - Caitlin Kindred

00:22:01 - Jenny GK
How many people attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City?

00:22:05 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, thousands. I don't know, 25,000? It's probably not right, but I don't know.

00:22:15 - Jenny GK
There are 8000 people in the parade if that helps you.

00:22:22 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, well, then 75,003 and a half million people attend.

00:22:28 - Jenny GK
Line the streets to attend the parade.

00:22:31 - Caitlin Kindred
Three and a half. It is long. I'm sorry, I'm just thinking about like, just that square. Just that square where it's like people are in buildings and what is it? Harold Square?

00:22:40 - Jenny GK
Is that the name of that space?

00:22:41 - Caitlin Kindred
I think so, yeah.

00:22:44 - Jenny GK
All right. No, it's like 75,000.

00:22:47 - Caitlin Kindred
Are you kidding me?

00:22:50 - Jenny GK
Sitting in the stands in front of Macy's?

00:22:52 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, exactly.

00:22:57 - Jenny GK
27. And 710 million people watch it on TV.

00:23:03 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, wow. It's tradition.

00:23:05 - Jenny GK
It is. And it's played up against a lot of other things. Yeah, right. There's other parades out there and people are doing turkey trots and watching football and all those things. All right, at what temperature is your turkey safe to eat?

00:23:25 - Caitlin Kindred
This is hilarious because I don't cook meat. I don't know how. I have no idea. 200 degrees? I have no idea.

00:23:38 - Jenny GK
165 degrees Fahrenheit.

00:23:41 - Caitlin Kindred
I would think 200 would be a little overcooked.

00:23:43 - Jenny GK
Okay, and my last question for you, I am so excited about this question. I just learned this fact. And to me it's going to be my new Thanksgiving trivia. Everyone I know is going to hear this before Thursday afternoon. I love it. What do Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon and Taylor Swift all have in common with Thanksgiving?

00:24:10 - Caitlin Kindred
It's their birthday. No, because it changes every year.

00:24:16 - Jenny GK
And my daughter is now screaming at the radio saying Taylor Swift's birthday is the 13 December.

00:24:24 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, then it's definitely not that their mothers all went into labor at the parade. I have no idea.

00:24:32 - Jenny GK
They are all direct descendants of passengers on the Mayflower stop.

00:24:38 - Caitlin Kindred
Are you serious?

00:24:39 - Jenny GK

00:24:40 - Caitlin Kindred
That's so cool. I was like, their names all start with M and then you ruined it with Taylor Swift. I was like, oh, man.

00:24:49 - Jenny GK
According to the New EnglanD Historic Genealogical Society, they are all descendants of passengers on the Mayflower. That's wild.

00:24:58 - Caitlin Kindred
Holy cow.

00:25:00 - Jenny GK
So I think we should take a break to let that sink in. And when we come back, we'll have some circle time.

00:25:07 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. Sounds great.

00:25:08 - Jenny GK
See you there.

00:25:14 - Caitlin Kindred
We're back. We're here. Let's do this.

00:25:18 - Jenny GK
Sounds great.

00:25:19 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay. Do you have any obsessions right now? We're just going to go right into it.

00:25:26 - Jenny GK
Okay. What I am obsessed with right now is trance music. Have you heard of this?

00:25:37 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, because we grew up in the late ninety s and early aughts. So, yeah, I know what trance music is, but.

00:25:47 - Jenny GK
Okay, do you know it's like coming back.

00:25:52 - Caitlin Kindred
What's old is new again. It's like every 30 years, there's like a 30 year cycle. Right. Why is it coming?

00:26:01 - Jenny GK
Spotify knows me, right? It's a robot. It's figured me out, but always coming up on my made for you page. Like, hey, try this playlist. Try this one. Okay. So they gave me Deep house Trance, and I can't stop listening.

00:26:18 - Caitlin Kindred
Are you listening to it for productivity?

00:26:21 - Jenny GK

00:26:22 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, that makes sense. Yeah.

00:26:23 - Jenny GK
Yes. You just put it on the background and you can just zone out and work.

00:26:27 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, I have like a binaural beats, one that kind of gets. It's sort of like house beats kind of feeling. And, yeah, I definitely find myself fixating for long periods of time when I do that.

00:26:40 - Jenny GK
Yeah, I move away from lo Fi oh, really? Chilled cow, and I might be breaking up.

00:26:46 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, well, send me this playlist and I'll see how I do with it because I'm curious now.

00:26:51 - Jenny GK
All right.

00:26:52 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, I'm interested. Okay, well, mine kind of goes along with Thanksgiving and what you wear. Are you guys a fancy dress Thanksgiving group of people, or are you guys like, we're cooking and then we're wearing sweats because we want to eat and.

00:27:07 - Jenny GK
We are change into clean clothes after you've cooked people. It is not fancy.

00:27:12 - Caitlin Kindred

00:27:13 - Jenny GK
But it is clean.

00:27:16 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay. I'm more of a look presentable but also wear stretchy pants kind of person. Oh, yeah, I don't do hard pants very often. Anyway.

00:27:27 - Jenny GK
I will out my family just a little bit after the dessert because the routine is eat, walk desserT. There is another step, and it is the unbuttoning of the pants.

00:27:42 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. Okay. And I skip everyone. Yeah, I skip it because I wear stretchy pants, so I don't even have to worry about. Yeah, exactly.

00:27:53 - Jenny GK
These are not maternity pants. These are my Thanksgiving pants.

00:27:57 - Caitlin Kindred
These are my Thanksgiving pants. Yeah, exactly. So I discovered. And these are not new by any means at all. So once again, just remember, I subscribe to behind the Times and I'm always late on everything. That's great. Yeah.

00:28:16 - Jenny GK
Also, I brought up trance.

00:28:20 - Caitlin Kindred
But I found, you know, Carrie Underwood has a brand of athleisure.

00:28:27 - Jenny GK
No, I did not know that.

00:28:28 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. So, like, Kate Hudson has fabletics.

00:28:31 - Jenny GK

00:28:32 - Caitlin Kindred
Kim Kardashian has skims, and Carrie Underwood has athleisure stuff as well. And hers is sold at Dick's sporting goods stores and probably elsewhere, too. But I went in there.

00:28:45 - Jenny GK
I hope it's at Bass pro, too. I feel like she could be a bass pro person.

00:28:49 - Caitlin Kindred
She does seem like a bass pro kind of girl, doesn't she? Yeah, but she has her brand. I don't know if I'm saying it right, but it's Kalia or Kalia or something. But C-A-L-I-A is how I believe you spell it. And there's a pair of joggers that I bought while I was at Dick's for whatever reason. And they have, like, the side pockets, like leggings, which is key. I don't buy anything that doesn't have pockets anymore.

00:29:17 - Jenny GK
But also, I am wearing pants without pockets today, and I am regretting it.

00:29:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. I can't even do laundry without it because I want to have my phone in my pocket so that I can listen to something while I'm folding. It's just how I am. So I bought these pants. They're so comfortable. The material is, like legging material, but they're joggers, so they're, like, loose. But I also don't like. I'm not a yoga pant person where the ankle flares out.

00:29:45 - Jenny GK
I do not like.

00:29:46 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't like that.

00:29:49 - Jenny GK
It reminds me of the dance team in the 1990s.

00:29:52 - Caitlin Kindred
Well, but they only work too. If you're not wearing shoes and if you're wearing shoes, to me, it looks funny, and I don't like it. So I'm a very big joggers person, and these are texture of leggings. But jogger pants, and they're so comfortable, and they have pockets, and I just really like them. So if you're interested, if you need some athleisure pants. And they also have that tummy big. Love it. Like, strong band in the front. Very nice. Very nice. Highly recommend. Wear them all.

00:30:22 - Jenny GK
Me a good support document or document.

00:30:26 - Caitlin Kindred
I also need support documentation. I think I'm going to go and get more colors because I just really like them that much. That's also super comfy.

00:30:36 - Jenny GK
Yeah. Okay, let us transition. It is time for the gem of the week.

00:30:41 - Caitlin Kindred

00:30:42 - Jenny GK
And so often this is a story that is embarrassing. This one is only embarrassing because of. Anyway, I'll get into it and you'll figure it out. My school is about six tenths of a mile from a big city park.

00:31:03 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, this is now the second time that you have made some sort of reference to numbers with a very precise fraction or decimal. You were, like, 27 and 710.

00:31:16 - Jenny GK

00:31:20 - Caitlin Kindred
It is. Okay. On a podcast for adults to say 0.6. It's about half a mile or there you go, we all get it.

00:31:28 - Jenny GK
And so we have 80 kids in second through 8th grade, and we walk them to this city park every day for lunch. And part of the walk is crossing a major boulevard in the city of Austin.

00:31:41 - Caitlin Kindred

00:31:42 - Jenny GK
It has a protected crosswalk, and we cross in groups, and we've got the safety down to a science, but it is a sight to beheld that there you are stopped. And then 80 kids are crossing the street, and not in a single file line, like holding onto a rope. We're clustered because it is safer to move in a big group than to have one straggler way behind everybody trying to stay in line. Yes. So this is just a normal occurrence every day, middle of the day, 80 kids crossing this major street. The other day, I met the fish store, which, because we're reefers, is not where you buy fish to eat. It is where you buy things for your fish tank. We were at the fish store, and the guy who owns the fish store says to me, hey, I saw you crossing the street with your kids the other day, Kate. This is embarrassing, Caitlin, because I've been to the fish store enough that the owner of the store can recognize me from his car.

00:32:57 - Caitlin Kindred
This is giving teachers stopping to do errands after spirit Day vibes, right? Yes. Oh, man. Yeah, that was me.

00:33:09 - Jenny GK
You know, the first time I ever went to therapy was on a Friday. That was a spirit day, and I had painted my face like a tiger, and I had used marker, and I couldn't get it off. So I am meeting my therapist for the first time, and what I have to say to her is, I'm not here because I think I'm a tiger.

00:33:35 - Caitlin Kindred
She's like, okay, I'm going to put the phone down because I was going to be calling.

00:33:41 - Jenny GK
I don't know if that makes your job easier or harder, but the tiger thing is not why I'm here.

00:33:51 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, that's hard. Yikes. Mine is. I'm just old.

00:33:59 - Jenny GK
Like, I'm older than the tradition of pardoning turkeys.

00:34:03 - Caitlin Kindred
I am older than the tradition of pardoning turkeys. That's how you know that I'm old. Right. I'm older than that tradition. So this morning, I mentioned this to you earlier. Today is technically a day off for me, so I kind of took it easy. And I normally take my walk very early in the morning, and there's, like, the usual four people out, and there's very few cars and all. It's very quiet, and I can keep my earbuds lower, and I need to because it's dark and I want to pay attention to your tracking. Yeah. But I went out later today and I happened to be out during a time when school is starting for the middle school that's not far from us, I would gather that also means that the high school was probably gearing up too, which means that there are cars everywhere, everywhere. And it was so loud today on my walk, and I can't have my ear pods in because if I do that, then I can't hear the podcast that I'm listening to anyway and I have to rewind it and I get frustrated. And today was cold and I didn't want to keep taking my phone out of my pocket because my hands were getting cold, which is a whole first world problems situation. Like, oh, no, you had to take your phone out of your pocket, you big baby. Like, calm down.

00:35:29 - Jenny GK

00:35:29 - Caitlin Kindred
So you could push the button to.

00:35:30 - Jenny GK
Rewind 15 seconds that you put it on your arm when you went to the gym in college, and it never really worked. Like the touch screen part through the.

00:35:42 - Caitlin Kindred
Plastic, so you'd be like holding your arm in a weird angle because you didn't want to take it off. Annoying. And I actually wore one of those for a long time until I started wearing shorts to run in that had a pocket where my phone will stay, or I wear like a tight waistband kind of thing that will hold my phone anyway, that's neither here nor there. Then as I'm walking, I take the AirPods out and I couldn't listen to anything because the traffic was so loud and there was construction and people jackhammering into the sidewalks and all this stuff. And after the third time taking my AirPods out and, you know, like when you take them out and your music auto stops and then you put them back in and it auto starts. Okay. Yes. The app that I was listening to this podcast on, I'm not going to say anything negative about this app because it's a very popular app. However, it is glitchy and the only reason I was using it is because the podcast I was listening to is ad free on this app. So otherwise I don't normally use this one. And when you take your Airpod out, it will stop, but it will not restart when you put it back in. Again, first world problems. But I was taking it out constantly because it was too loud with all the traffic and the jackhammering and everything. And as I'm walking down the street, I was like, everything is too loud.

00:37:18 - Jenny GK
And I said out loud on the street.

00:37:22 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. I was walking by some leaf blowers. There were two leaf blower on the street. I thought I'd gone to a quiet spot. No, two leaf blowers. And I screamed out loud, oh, everything is too loud. Because I had to walk down this street, right? I had to walk down the street with my Airpod out for almost the entire block because it was too loud. And I was annoyed that I had to do that because, again, first world problems. And I just said out loud to myself that everything was too loud. And I didn't realize it was like, that loud until I was like, oh, my God, I said that out loud. I yelled, oh, my God, everything is too loud. Like an old lady get off my lawn sort of thing.

00:38:03 - Jenny GK
Someone offer you some metamusal? Like, as you're saying, right, Miralax.

00:38:08 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't know what other stuff is.

00:38:11 - Jenny GK
Like that dinner at 430.

00:38:14 - Caitlin Kindred
Polydent. I don't know. Or polygrip. Polygrip. That's the one where it keeps them in your mouth. I was just like, why is everything too loud?

00:38:25 - Jenny GK
Everything is too loud.

00:38:26 - Caitlin Kindred
So clearly I was having some noise sensitivity issues this morning, but also just like, why have I become that person where I'm like, I just want to walk in a quiet in the dark with my AirPods in so I can hear my podcast? Is that too much to ask? Losing my mind over this stupid sounds of people being outside. Like, what? Just living their life, just doing their thing. Most of them doing their jobs, going on the street, going to school, getting dropped off. And I'm like, just so grouchy. That's hilarious. That was just me losing my mind this morning. Gosh.

00:39:09 - Jenny GK

00:39:10 - Caitlin Kindred

00:39:10 - Jenny GK
Well, with that, I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for listening. If you would like to thank us, you can do it with stars, star.

00:39:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Or review, or subscribe to our Patreon. That's also an option. Nice. Thanks.

00:39:26 - Jenny GK
Yeah. And I have in my back pocket for you one little surprise.

00:39:35 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, yeah.

00:39:38 - Jenny GK
If you like, I can send you the recipe for Maple Bourbon Raccoon. It's a great Thanksgiving recipe.

00:39:47 - Caitlin Kindred
I'm good, but thank. Oh, if Rebecca starts to bother you. Oh, wait. Did I tell you we had a raccoon in our roof last year?

00:40:02 - Jenny GK
Trixie? Is that her name?

00:40:03 - Caitlin Kindred

00:40:04 - Jenny GK

00:40:04 - Caitlin Kindred
Tracy. But you just reminded me of it because I thought it was Becky, but no, it was Tracy. Anyway, Tracy the trash panda. Okay, guys, it's time to go make good choices, and we're thankful for you guys, and happy Thanksgiving. Okay, bye.