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What's That Now? CK & GK's Favorite Misheard Lyrics from 10 Popular Songs

August 29, 2023 Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred
CK & GK Podcast
What's That Now? CK & GK's Favorite Misheard Lyrics from 10 Popular Songs
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Have you ever belted out the wrong lyrics to your favorite song, only to discover years later that you've been singing it completely wrong? Well, get ready to laugh and cringe as we debunk 10 popular misheard song lyrics that have been passed down through the generations. Join us as we set the record straight and reveal the hilarious truth behind these musical myths.

Prepare to have your playlists disrupted by CK & GK, enthusiastic music lovers who are on a mission to highlight the funny and creative ways we often misinterpret song lyrics. Armed with a wit as quick as her ability to remember lyrics, Caitlin takes a deep dive into popular songs, unveiling a treasure of reinterpretations you wouldn’t expect. Part comedienne and part music historian, she enlightens her listeners with generous servings of humor and trivia while cracking open the mysteries behind misheard lyrics from popular tracks. Enriching and entertaining in equal measure, a session with Caitlin and Jenny guarantees a delightful reconnection with your favorite songs.

Get the playlist for these songs and more at this week's blog post, here!

Key Takeaways:

  • Engage in humorous discussions of popular song misinterpretations and the creative liberty listeners take.
  • Stumble upon hilarious misinterpretations of famous tracks like Carly Simon's "You’re So Vain," as noted by our hosts.
  • Enjoy buoyant conversations and humor-filled repartee that the hosts share across the episode.


"Don't be afraid to sing the wrong lyrics, just make them your own."
—Jenny GK

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Thanks, y'all!

00:00:01 - Jenny GK
Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. It's the CK and GK show from the town of Austin. They're the funniest girls, you know?

00:00:12 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my God. That was so good. That was so good. Oh, my gosh. You guys, that was amazing. That's it. I may or may not have written.

00:00:30 - Jenny GK
That five minutes before.

00:00:31 - Caitlin Kindred
Right? And we've peaked, guys. This is our last episode. Like, we can't we can't do anything else. That's it. That's it. Bye. Make a choice. See you later. All right. Oh, gosh, that's good. Guys, we're so glad you're here today. Oh, goodness. Today we are sharing oh, God. Today we're sharing ten very commonly misheard song lyrics, which is not I mean, I can't she just made up her own song lyrics. We're sharing ten commonly misheard song lyrics, and we're wondering if you know the right words to these songs. So stick around and find out if you get them right every time you're one of these lunatics who makes up the words that I do.

00:01:29 - Jenny GK
That's amazing.

00:01:30 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, goodness.

00:01:31 - Jenny GK
But first with me today is Caitlin. And she's just the human version of that feeling when you get home from a long day and take your bra off for the night.

00:01:40 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, yes. That is a very nice compliment. Thank you. I appreciate that. And with me today is Jenny, our favorite decidedly self assured cowgirl. And yeah, she is an Aggie after all.

00:02:00 - Jenny GK
I am indeed. Whoop. Proudest member of the fight in Texas Aggie class of 2006.

00:02:06 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my goodness gracious. Have you watched the Jenny Manziel documentary yet?

00:02:10 - Jenny GK
I haven't. I struggle because Manzel was really important to me.

00:02:17 - Caitlin Kindred

00:02:18 - Jenny GK
And then he had a fall from grace.

00:02:21 - Caitlin Kindred

00:02:22 - Jenny GK
And I don't know if I could watch this. I know that for a lot of people it's explained things, but I'm afraid it's just going to make him sadder and worse in my book.

00:02:36 - Caitlin Kindred
I watched it last night. That's why I'm asking. And I sort of had this idea of, like, is it just going to tell us that he was taking money under the table? His family was, quote, independently wealthy? No, dad was a jerk, and he.

00:02:54 - Jenny GK
Had to live through a lot.

00:02:56 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. I mean, it is a very interesting thing. Talk about a flame out, right? That's really hard. But I watched it. I thought, you know, I don't know what it your impression, but I think you should. But we're talking about college football. For those of you who don't know, Jenny Manziel was the, quote, unquote Jenny Football. He is the first freshman ever to win the Heisman Trophy, and he was kind of a big deal in college football for a very long time.

00:03:29 - Jenny GK
He brought A and M back to the national scene.

00:03:32 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. True.

00:03:33 - Jenny GK
Texas A M has always been broadcast and always been visible. But for the most part, it was because whoever we were playing that week, and not necessarily because of Texas A.

00:03:46 - Caitlin Kindred
And M itself, right.

00:03:47 - Jenny GK
And also our fans travel well. Right. If you're a part of the twelveTH, man, you are for the rest of your life. So there's always going to be a big crowd at an A and M game, so that's good for TV. But Jenny Manzel had us back in the rankings and looking great and being the story to follow. And Abby's very first A M game.

00:04:09 - Caitlin Kindred
Was a Manzel win, was a Manzel game at home. Yeah, it was good. Yeah. Well, I feel like this is appropriate because you're telling me or you've mentioned that you want to talk about college athletics right now. So let's get into this obsession that you have right now.

00:04:23 - Jenny GK
Tell me about like a lot of times my obsessions are positive. Right. Like last week, learning all about the world residential yacht. But here's the deal, and it's all over the news, and I'm obsessed with it because I really do love college football. I feel like it is one of the purest forms of the sport. But money is getting in the way, people.

00:04:49 - Caitlin Kindred

00:04:50 - Jenny GK
Money has always been an issue. I remember back in 2011, University of Texas, I think it was probably 2009, 2010, but the University of Texas started the Longhorn Network, where they would be able to broadcast and make money off whatever sports or historical games or whatever they wanted. And A and M got mad and they took their ball and their bat and they went home and they left the Big Twelve to join the Southeastern Conference.

00:05:24 - Caitlin Kindred

00:05:24 - Jenny GK
And Caitlin, I was so mad, I put a wooden spoon through the wall. What are we doing? Turning our back on 100 year rivalry, not playing schools that are right up the road and traveling just so that we can be on TV more?

00:05:41 - Caitlin Kindred

00:05:42 - Jenny GK
So this was 2011 when A and M left the big twelve. Fast forward to 2023. The whole college athletics system is on fire right now.

00:05:54 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, it's bad. It's really bad.

00:05:58 - Jenny GK
In the name of money, larger schools are looking to go to different divisions, different conferences, to play other big money making schools. But the problem is these decisions are being made solely upon football. Yes, maybe basketball a little bit, but for the most part, these are made by football decisions.

00:06:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. Only basketball for basketball. Right. Like for Arizona and schools that have historically strong basketball storied, strong basketball programs. But otherwise, these are all football decisions. And what we're talking about with money here is the ability to be broadcast on various networks. It's TV deals. It's making sure that they get coverage on television.

00:06:51 - Jenny GK
Which goes back to why A M left the Big Twelve in the first place. In the first place was because they were jealous of the Longhorn Network and said, well, if we're not going to make money that way, we're going to go join a conference where we can be on TV a lot.

00:07:04 - Caitlin Kindred

00:07:04 - Jenny GK
And so that's kind of what all of these schools are doing right now. So if you are following this story, there's a lot of detail to it. The Pac Ten has turned into the Pac Four, and schools have left the Big Twelve and come back. Schools are now joining the SEC that aren't anywhere near the Southeast. Like Oklahoma.

00:07:24 - Caitlin Kindred

00:07:24 - Jenny GK
But it comes down to football. The problem is there are so many other college athletic programs, and now by joining a conference on the East Coast, when you are a Southern California school, you have now made women's lacrosse. Get on a plane to go play, or it's insane. Badminton is now getting on a plane.

00:07:46 - Caitlin Kindred
To play like college baseball. These kids are they're kids. These are 1819 year old kids. And if they have a game on.

00:07:57 - Jenny GK
Wednesday night, they're supposed to go to class on Thursday.

00:08:01 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, exactly. And I don't feel like anyone is taking into account the travel cost of this right now. You've eaten up massive profits by paying for these schools to travel. And if you don't pay for these schools to travel, then you're limiting the program. So, like, let's say you don't want women's lacrosse to travel across the country to play in an in conference game. Okay? So why even have the women's lacrosse team if you're not going to let them play the teams in their same conference? There's no good solution to this, except that these conferences should be regional because that's the thing that makes the most sense for the kids who are traveling to all these places. And it saves money when you're traveling from place to place. This whole thing is completely insane. I totally agree.

00:08:55 - Jenny GK
Like, just stick to your neighborhood, right?

00:08:58 - Caitlin Kindred
It doesn't make any sense.

00:08:59 - Jenny GK
But anyway, if you are looking to kind of wrap this story up, have a water cooler chat moment. It all comes down to money for football programs.

00:09:11 - Caitlin Kindred

00:09:11 - Jenny GK
And the people who suffer are the hundreds of other athletes and thousands of other athletes.

00:09:18 - Caitlin Kindred

00:09:19 - Jenny GK
And staff trainers who all work on sports that aren't football. Right. And let me tell you what, I love me some college football. I'm not against football.

00:09:31 - Caitlin Kindred
No. I even think the college football kids are going to be struggling, too. Between rigorous practice schedules and this travel, I think it's going to be hard.

00:09:39 - Jenny GK
So look where your school is now.

00:09:41 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, exactly. Your water cooler question is, so college football conferences. Wow. That's all you have to say?

00:09:50 - Jenny GK
That's it, yeah.

00:09:51 - Caitlin Kindred
So I have to say dumpster fire, right? Right. Yeah. Okay. So my obsession is very basic, and it is once again a product. I love it.

00:10:02 - Jenny GK
I've learned so many great products from this.

00:10:06 - Caitlin Kindred
Hey, I am here to serve. My shopping addiction is a problem, right. The dopamine hit that I get from the Amazon package is really bad.

00:10:20 - Jenny GK
I am here to serve. That is not where I thought you were going with that sentence.

00:10:26 - Caitlin Kindred
See a need, fill a need. This is me helping. Yes. So I have a thing about we have cats in the house, and anyone who has pets knows that pet hair is a problem, right? That's just how it is. Unless you are one of those people who has a golden doodle that doesn't shed, like, more power to you. I'm jealous, but yeah. So I was looking at I made the bed the other day. I changed the sheets, I changed a duvet, covered all these things, and it was a brand new clean everything. And then I don't know why this happens, but every time I make the bed, the kittens need to go play on it. Every time. Every time. And it's usually like a big Russell fest immediately after I've make the bed, and it's beautiful and pristine. And then the duvet cover is covered in hair, right.

00:11:15 - Jenny GK
Or teeth.

00:11:16 - Caitlin Kindred
It's clean. Oh, I have had the tooth on the bed before. Yeah, I have had the tooth, just in case you didn't know.

00:11:23 - Jenny GK
Go back in time.

00:11:24 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. Puppies and kittens lose baby teeth. It's gross. So I couldn't take it anymore, and I was looking for a thing to get the hair off of the brand new clean duvet and those, like, sticky rollers and crap like that. Those just don't those suck. They don't work. So I found a product called a chom chom. Chom chom and chom chom. Chom chom.

00:11:51 - Jenny GK
You have to do it with your hand. They have chom chom.

00:11:56 - Caitlin Kindred
You're sounding like the Law and Order to me. Just saying. You are. We were just talking about iced tea earlier.

00:12:11 - Jenny GK

00:12:13 - Caitlin Kindred
We were just talking about iced tea earlier. Never mind. That's not important.

00:12:16 - Jenny GK
There we go. This is a show all about solid lyrics.

00:12:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Let us talk more about derailed derailed. So I bought this ChomChom, and I used it immediately, and this is the only product I ever want for taking hair off of everything. It's perfect. It's perfect. Okay, how did it charm chom? So it's like a dude, I should just show it to you. I have it. Okay, pause it. Is this thing okay?

00:12:46 - Jenny GK
What she is holding looks like a very large version of that roller that my dad head to clean albums.

00:12:57 - Caitlin Kindred
It also looks like a squeegee. Yes, it looks like a squeegee. And it has a little compartment where the hair goes, wow.

00:13:05 - Jenny GK
Okay, she's opening it. Compartment.

00:13:07 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. It has one of those, like, microfiber. If you do it one way, carpet picks it up. If you do it the other way.

00:13:14 - Jenny GK
Then it comes off.

00:13:14 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, but it doesn't come off, and there's a little rubber piece on it, and so you just rub it back and forth across your item, and then it collects all the hair in, like, this little open compartment thing, and then you just take it out of the compartment and throw it away.

00:13:31 - Jenny GK
That's amazing.

00:13:31 - Caitlin Kindred
It's so great. Highly recommend. Go get yourself a chom chom. They have generic ones. Don't recommend those. Get the real one.

00:13:37 - Jenny GK
Get the real one.

00:13:38 - Caitlin Kindred
Like $20. It's totally worth it.

00:13:41 - Jenny GK
Okay, so time for the gems of the week.

00:13:44 - Caitlin Kindred
Do it.

00:13:46 - Jenny GK
A couple of weeks ago, we did a show on small talk.

00:13:50 - Caitlin Kindred

00:13:50 - Jenny GK
And one of the pieces of advice that I had picked up from the Internet about small talk was incorporating some of these expert conversationalist phrases.

00:14:02 - Caitlin Kindred

00:14:03 - Jenny GK
Well, last night, John said something that was genuinely intriguing.

00:14:09 - Caitlin Kindred

00:14:09 - Jenny GK
I was actually interested in what he said, and I look at him from across the room and I say, oh, that's interesting. Say more. And he whips around and looks at me. He says, do not use that professional development trying to up your small talk game place on me.

00:14:30 - Caitlin Kindred
No way. Well, first of all, thank you, JK, for listening. Much appreciated.

00:14:36 - Jenny GK
And I was like, no, I'm genuinely interested. I actually want to hear more about what you're saying. And he's like, yeah, but you have to change your tone and your words if you're selling those as ways to extend a conversation.

00:14:48 - Caitlin Kindred
So noted. We don't say, say more to our partner. We say, Tell me more to our husband. There we go. Oh, man, I love it.

00:15:01 - Jenny GK
No, I like legit.

00:15:03 - Caitlin Kindred
I'm really not. Yeah, exactly. I actually do want to know. That's so funny. So mine is stupid, but it made me laugh out loud when I saw this because this is just one of those dumb things. That why those are my favorite things. Yeah, exactly. My son uses a mouthwash that I can talk about later. It's a good mouthwash. We love it. We got it recommended from our orthodontist, and he's been kind of making a mess of pouring it, so I got a little thing that helps him pour it, and it comes in like a bottle. You get the bottle and then there's a little stack where you can put cups and stuff. Right, fine. Well, the bottle comes with a label that says Mouthwash, and for whatever reason, this label has a crown on it. And I don't know why someone needs to have y'all.

00:15:56 - Jenny GK
This label is funny. It is all caps mouthwash and then crowned on top of the word. And then the whole thing is inside this, like, trefoil shape. It's very fancy mouthwash.

00:16:11 - Caitlin Kindred
Like, why?

00:16:12 - Jenny GK
I don't know.

00:16:14 - Caitlin Kindred
Who needs, like, us having a crystal.

00:16:16 - Jenny GK
Chandelier in our laundry room, right.

00:16:23 - Caitlin Kindred
My seven year old is fancy with his mouth. I couldn't even put the sticker on the bottle.

00:16:30 - Jenny GK
I was like, no, because his bathroom is the one that gets used. Right. Unless you want them to come out and be like, so tell me about this regal mouthwash.

00:16:38 - Caitlin Kindred
Tell me about this regal mouthwash. Oh, well, the Queen used to use it. It's called thera breath. It's really great. Tastes like watermelon. It's perfect. I heard Princess Kate really likes it for her kids. So that's why, like, come like, can you tell this product is not made in the US? Oh, yes, you can, because here's how. Because there's a freaking crown on the sticker that says Mouthwash. I will put a picture of it in the blog post for this episode, for sure. Hilarious. It's so funny.

00:17:12 - Jenny GK
To me, it feels like that table of knickknacks at Hobby Lobby that are all, like, Paris themed.

00:17:18 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. So good. Okay.

00:17:27 - Jenny GK
All right, well, let's take a break.

00:17:31 - Caitlin Kindred
So good.

00:17:32 - Jenny GK
That is funny. That is a funny label.

00:17:35 - Caitlin Kindred
Like, why? I don't know.

00:17:38 - Jenny GK
All right, we're back, guys.

00:17:40 - Caitlin Kindred
Yay. Okay, so today we're talking about lyrics to songs that people mishear all the time and then sing incorrectly. And this was inspired by a recent gem. If you've listened to that episode, you know my son was singing Smash Mouth. As somebody once told me, the world was macaroni and I could not get enough of it. But I made him fix it. Right. Because as a millennial, I could not let him do that incorrectly. I was looking at some of the I actually did okay with most of these lyrics. I knew them myself and I knew what the correct lyrics were, but some of the misheard things were shocking to me. Like, how are you hearing these things? Like the very famous Eurythmic song Sweet Dreams where people are saying, sweet dreams are made of cheese, right?

00:18:37 - Jenny GK

00:18:39 - Caitlin Kindred
Although I do have emotional support cheese. I do not think that Sweet Dreams are always made of cheese. Right. Or the REM song. Let's pee in the corner. Like, no, no one let's pee in the spotlight loses my religion. How does that make any sense? Okay, why are you saying that in.

00:19:04 - Jenny GK
The Carly Simon song, you're so vain?

00:19:07 - Caitlin Kindred

00:19:08 - Jenny GK
Okay, so there's a line. You're where you should be all the time and when you're not, you're with some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend. Okay, so I knew someone who thought the line was wife of a postman wife of a no. Like getting back at the milkman, so he's sleeping with the postman's wife. And I was like, no.

00:19:34 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my gosh, no. After the poison. Like, what? No. Okay, so I'm very impressed that people actually make up lyrics for what they're hearing. I'm more of a, like, losing I just pretend, right? Like, I don't know. So I'm going to go through a few songs. Some of these are absolutely ridiculous, right? But some of them are legit, where I was like, oh, my gosh, I had an epiphany when I learned this. Okay, so the first one I have to do, and this is a dedication to you, is Taylor Swift's Blank Space.

00:20:18 - Jenny GK
Oh, I know what this one's going to be.

00:20:21 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, yeah. There people who think that she's singing about Starbucks lovers.

00:20:27 - Jenny GK
Starbucks lovers.

00:20:30 - Caitlin Kindred
Got a lonely Starbucks lover. No. The song is got a long list of ex lovers they'll tell you I'm insane it's from the 1989 album that she just rereleased. Bless this woman. So, again, the lyric has got a long list of ex lovers, but I've.

00:20:52 - Jenny GK
Got a blank space and I'll write your name it makes sense. Like, on the list, there's a blank space for your name to be an ex lover not a lonely Starbucks lover.

00:21:02 - Caitlin Kindred
What in the world I can't okay, so next one. And this one is legit because this is one of the most complicated songs ever in the history. Unless you're Twista and you're doing celebrity overnight. This is one of the most impossible songs ever.

00:21:19 - Jenny GK
Guns and Ships from Hamilton, where he has to rap, like, 22 words a second or something.

00:21:25 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, exactly. Well, did you know Twista at one point held the world record for the most words said in a minute?

00:21:31 - Jenny GK
Oh, my gosh.

00:21:31 - Caitlin Kindred
Because he's a microman guy.

00:21:34 - Jenny GK
Or Micro Machines. Do you remember those?

00:21:39 - Caitlin Kindred

00:21:41 - Jenny GK
I made a joke about the Micro Machines guy a couple of months ago, and of course, both my kids are like, what are you talking about? And so we had to pull up.

00:21:47 - Caitlin Kindred
Videos of those commercials you did. Yeah. Hilarious. Okay, so this one is Billy Joel's. We didn't start the fire.

00:21:56 - Jenny GK
Harry Truman. Doris Day. Red China. Jenny. Yeah.

00:21:59 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. So, by the way, a lot of people don't even know that that's the name of the like, because it's so complicated, the song is called We Didn't Start the Fire. So there you go.

00:22:08 - Jenny GK
My sister used to teach us history, and she would print out all the lyrics and make her students figure out what each one references.

00:22:17 - Caitlin Kindred
This is a super complicated song. There's so many repeated references to all these different historical events across multiple decades. Okay, so here's the lyric that people miss. Here. Bacon making Palestine wheel of Torture sally ride. Bacon making palestine. What? Okay, absolutely not.

00:22:47 - Jenny GK
That is, like, when Abigail thought that her favorite taco was called Yom Kippur, but she meant El Pastor.

00:22:55 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, it's so off. It's so completely off.

00:22:58 - Jenny GK
Bacon making palestine.

00:23:01 - Caitlin Kindred

00:23:01 - Jenny GK
I'm pretty sure that's not a thing.

00:23:04 - Caitlin Kindred
Right? And also, we love what?

00:23:08 - Jenny GK
And I love that it ends with Sally ride.

00:23:10 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. Okay, now, the actual lyrics do sound a little bit like bacon, so I understand. But the rest of it, no. Bacon, Reagan, Palestine, Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride are the correct lyrics. Okay. Bacon. Reagan. Palestine. Wheel of Fortune. Sally ride. I meant so much better than we.

00:23:31 - Jenny GK
Love torture, Sally Ride.

00:23:32 - Caitlin Kindred
Right? Bacon making I can't okay, so this one made me laugh out loud, and I feel like there's got to be someone who sings this wrong, but I just had to include it. This is dire straits. Money for nothing. To be clear, I love Mark Knopler. I think he's amazing. So this song is about rockstar, excess, and how easy that excess makes life compared to, like, quote, real life. Real work.

00:24:05 - Jenny GK
Got it.

00:24:05 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay. So Mark Knopler actually wrote this song after overhearing delivery men in a New York City department store complain about their jobs while they were watching MTV.

00:24:15 - Jenny GK
Dude, that's so awesome. I love the story behind the song.

00:24:17 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah, I thought that was really cool.

00:24:19 - Jenny GK
Where's VH? One pop up video when you need it.

00:24:22 - Caitlin Kindred
I know, right?

00:24:22 - Jenny GK
I'm sorry. Go ahead.

00:24:23 - Caitlin Kindred
So Mark Knaffler wrote the song in the department store at a kitchen display they had set up. And there's nothing to do with food here. So I'm prefacing that now there's nothing to do with food at all. But for some reason, people hear the song as money for nothing and your chips for free. Your chips, your chips. No, it is money for nothing and your chicks for free, because rockstar excess chicks. You don't have to do anything to get them. There you go. All right, little CCR. Oh, nice, little credence.

00:24:57 - Jenny GK

00:24:57 - Caitlin Kindred
This is a class clearwater Revival bad moon rising. The song or the lyrics people hear are, there's a bathroom on the right? There's a bathroom on the right. No, there's not.

00:25:12 - Jenny GK
No, there's not.

00:25:15 - Caitlin Kindred
Or there's a bad moon on the right. Also not.

00:25:19 - Jenny GK

00:25:20 - Caitlin Kindred
Closer, closer, closer. Yeah, because the actual lyrics are, there's a bad moon on the rise. Yes. And sometimes I could hear it because the s doesn't really come out. There's no emphasis on the s, so I get why people think it's right. But it's rise, so there you go.

00:25:43 - Jenny GK
I am so glad that you are doing this next one. I just looked at the notes and cheated. This is so good.

00:25:50 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, so this one, if you are a millennial, if you were around in the early aughts, if you know anything about this amazing, talented person, if you've.

00:26:02 - Jenny GK
Watched the Super Bowl a couple years.

00:26:04 - Caitlin Kindred
Ago oh, my gosh, yes. Okay, so this is Missy Elliott's work it.

00:26:09 - Jenny GK
So good. So good.

00:26:10 - Caitlin Kindred
This one is the one that I was like, oh, my gosh. My mind is completely blown here. Okay.

00:26:16 - Jenny GK
I just learned this in the last few months.

00:26:19 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. This is one of those. How old were you when you learned this? And you might be today years old when you learned this is a good one, y'all. Okay. The lyric where she's like, that's what we're talking about. The line is, Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. Okay, what she's doing is she's taking the line, I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. And she's playing it backwards. So it's literally the lyric, I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it and take all of that line and put it backwards. And that's what she's done. She's reversed the lyric. So she's giving a clue to the lyrics later on in the song where she says, listen up close while I take you backwards. And then she does the same thing again. So she's basically just your feminine if it's went yet. That's what that is. It's her taking that lyric and she's turning it around and playing it backwards. So she's not actually saying it, she just sang the lyric. And then they play the track backward. Right? Exactly.

00:27:26 - Jenny GK
That's funny.

00:27:27 - Caitlin Kindred
Which I thought was super cool, but that's what she's doing. She played it backwards. And then there's another one where she again says, listen up close while I take you backwards. And she does it again. Okay. This one also blew my mind as a millennial.

00:27:41 - Jenny GK

00:27:43 - Caitlin Kindred
The song I'm Real by JLo featuring okay. Okay. So at the very beginning of the song, you hear Ja Rule, like, yell out, what's my mother effing name? Okay. And then after that, you hear J Lo come in and say what a lot of people think has been are you ready? Are you ready? That's what people think it is. Or are you really right? No, she's spelling out rule. As in Ja rule rule. Oh, my gosh.

00:28:24 - Jenny GK
That'S amazing.

00:28:26 - Caitlin Kindred
Because he says, what's my mother effing name? And so she says, R-U-L-E. That's what she's doing. Oh, my gosh.

00:28:34 - Jenny GK
Also, I cannot think about Jaw Rule without thinking about Firefest.

00:28:41 - Caitlin Kindred
Sad and how.

00:28:43 - Jenny GK
In both documentaries, he goes by Jaw. And I was like, Stop.

00:28:48 - Caitlin Kindred
You can't go by Jaw. Not okay, man. What a mess. So anyway, that's what the lyric is. And I was like, what? And now I can only hear it correctly, thank goodness, because otherwise I would still be a mess singing it wrong because, you know, I still know every word to that song. This one is really commonly misheard, and so I felt like I had to address it. This is iron. Butterflies in a God of Davida oh, okay. So a lot of people think that the song is saying in the Garden of Eden, which technically is supposed to be correct. That is the intended lyric of the song. However, the songwriters Doug Engel and Ron Bushy had an entire gallon of wine prior to writing this song. And instead of in the Garden of Eden, they actually wrote in Davida. So the words actually are in Davida and and not in the Garden of Eden. That's why it doesn't sound right when yeah, I thought that was a cool one. I love this song too. I'm a big talking Heads fan. Do you like talking heads?

00:30:05 - Jenny GK
Yeah. I actually saw what is his name? David Byrne.

00:30:09 - Caitlin Kindred
It sounds right.

00:30:09 - Jenny GK
I saw him at ACL a couple years ago and he killed it. It was really good.

00:30:14 - Caitlin Kindred
Listen, I don't seek them out. It's not like I have them saved on my spotify as like, this is Talking Heads. I don't do that. But whenever the songs come up, I'm like, yes. I love this song. So this one is psycho killer by talking heads. Okay, so this song by the way. I didn't realize this song was this old. This song came out in 1977. I had no idea that the song came out in 77. That's a long time. It is. A lot of the lyrics to this song are in French, which I did not know. I had no idea about this until I was researching this episode, but I didn't know that a lot of them are in French, so a lot of people have no idea what it is. So they're just filling in their own. They're doing what I do. Or it's like, okay, so the line is psycho killer kescase, which is the French like, what are you doing? Line of yeah, what are you doing? Or it is what it is. Yeah, exactly. KESCA say that's the line. And, I mean, it's a super complicated looking French lyric, but when he says psycho killer cascasay, that's the line. That's all it is.

00:31:25 - Jenny GK
There you go. Okay. I saw that you have two Elton John hits on here.

00:31:30 - Caitlin Kindred
I do, but not part of that. Well, that's because one of them is going to be my closer for the episode, so that's why I'm holding on.

00:31:40 - Jenny GK
To no, no, I am talking about Jenny and the jets is not on your list. Oh, no.

00:31:46 - Caitlin Kindred
I don't have Jenny and the jets.

00:31:47 - Jenny GK
She's got electric boobs, a mohair. No, it's electric boots and a mohair suit.

00:31:55 - Caitlin Kindred
Right. No, I did not put that one on here. But I should have. That was a good one.

00:32:00 - Jenny GK
Okay, go ahead.

00:32:01 - Caitlin Kindred
Okay, so this one is funny, but I knew this one because of an episode of Family Guy, so I'm just going to put that out there. Credit to Seth McFarland for putting this together. So this is Elton John's. Rocket man. Okay. The episode of Family Guy is Stewie, like, basically being a Beat poet and saying the lines to this song, which is so funny. Mars yeah, exactly.

00:32:37 - Jenny GK

00:32:38 - Caitlin Kindred
Exactly. So there are so many different interpretations of this lyric that I didn't even put them all in here because there was no way. But the correct lyric, I should say, is rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone. Okay. So in the episode of Family Guy, he's like, Rocket Man burning out his fuse up here alone.

00:33:06 - Jenny GK
And it's really funny.

00:33:09 - Caitlin Kindred
It's really funny. But I was like, oh, that's the line. So I also have no idea what I thought it was, but I know that I didn't realize that was the line until I watched that episode of Family Guy. So there you go. Burning out his fuse up here alone. Yes. Okay. The other one I did not learn. I'm so embarrassed to say this until the redo, the remix, the re recording, the partnership with Britney Spears.

00:33:43 - Jenny GK
I was going to say snake lady.

00:33:44 - Caitlin Kindred
And that's not right. But we all know what you're talking about because we all watched the VMAs back then. Yes. So this is. Tiny Dancer by Elton John. I did not know what the song lyric was, but I was doing the Lay me down. I did not know what it was, but it's lay me down on sheets of linen. First of all, who has linen sheets? That's why it didn't come to me. Like, what? Linen sheets? Really? Really.

00:34:14 - Jenny GK
I once read an article that Oprah liked to have her bed ironed. Can you imagine how hard it would be to iron linen sheets?

00:34:22 - Caitlin Kindred
Oh, my gosh. Her bed ironed?

00:34:24 - Jenny GK
Ironed. Like, after they make it, they have to iron the sheets on the bed. What? I mean, she's oprah like, whatever. I would iron her sheets if you pay.

00:34:33 - Caitlin Kindred
Right, right.

00:34:33 - Jenny GK
Oh, yeah. No, that's what I'm saying. Not for free.

00:34:35 - Caitlin Kindred
Also, I'm getting out the steamer. We're not doing we aren't ironing. We're getting out the steamer. I bet she could feel the difference. Oh, yeah, I bet she can. All right, well, that's our show. That's what I have for you today, is those ten songs and those ridiculous lyrics. And hopefully you learned a little something. But maybe now you're fixed. Or maybe you knew every single one, in which case, congratulations. Good job.

00:35:00 - Jenny GK
Pour some shook up ramen.

00:35:05 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes. All right, guys, if you like us.

00:35:09 - Jenny GK
Tell other people to like us. Do it on the webernet. You can press the stars. You can write words about us. You can just tell your friends in real life.

00:35:17 - Caitlin Kindred
Yes, all of that would be great.

00:35:19 - Jenny GK
All right? So when you are thinking that you know the words, maybe go and research them. Make good choices.

00:35:28 - Caitlin Kindred
Yeah. And hold me closer. Tone and danza. Oh, bye.

Are you sure those are the words?