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Dinosaurs, Pyramids, & Chainsaws: CK & GK Share 8 Must-Know Hidden History Facts

May 23, 2023 Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred Season 2 Episode 70
CK & GK Podcast
Dinosaurs, Pyramids, & Chainsaws: CK & GK Share 8 Must-Know Hidden History Facts
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Discovering the hidden truths of history is a journey that can surprise even the most knowledgeable scholars—two words that aren’t typically used to describe Caitlin and Jenny. So when they stumbled upon an unexpected twist in a BuzzFeed article, their minds were blown. Little did they know that this article would leave them questioning everything they thought they knew about the past. What shocking revelations did they uncover? Stay tuned to find out.

Current and former educators uncover shocking and hilarious historical facts, including Johnny Appleseed's true motives and the center of the Islamic Golden Age, and share about being ghosted by a bra company and considering a side project watching Vanderpump Rules.

This episode's blog post is linked here.

In this episode, you'll:

  • Delight in surprising historical trivia to boost your awareness of the past.
  • Uncover astonishing and lesser-known historical facts to enrich your knowledge.
  • Practice intellectual curiosity!

I love finding out that these mythical figures that we believe to be these all-American heroes are actually somewhat nefarious. —Caitlin


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Thanks, y'all!


It's Tuesday at the end of the year. Oh, my goodness. That was a good high pitched one. Well done on that. We're so glad you're here, everybody.        


As Jennyny said, it's the end of the school year, which means we are end of year teacher tired and we are also end of year mom tired. Yes. So if you're not an educator, you might not understand this, but this is the time of year when, at least in our classrooms, if we weren't preparing for finals, anything goes. You want to do your homework and catch up packet, fine with me. Just turn it in, right?        


I don't care. Just give me all the papers so I can get them graded and not have to stay here till 06:00. So educators right now are just trying to survive until Memorial Day. And so to that end, today we are blowing your mind with these insanely, crazy historical facts that we stole from BuzzFeed. We couldn't believe these.        


I'm sure you can't believe them either. They're totally true. We've got sources to back them up, and if not, remember, we are fact adjacent, so it's fine. And in our defense, BuzzFeed stole them from other people, so we're just like 100%. 100%.        


I'm pretty sure it's from like a reddit thread, so whatever, it's all public information anyway. We're going to give credit to the author of the BuzzFeed. Absolutely.        


All right, so welcome back to CK and GK. With me, as always, is Caitlin. We can call her the chimney today because she's smoking hot. Yes, I am a mess today because it's Saturday morning and my throat is still messed up, which we could all hear. I still sound like a mess, but that's okay.        


Well, across from me is Jennyny, my beautiful rule breaking moth. I love her.        


She likes worms. So I felt like the realm of no, it's crazy. It's a weird one. It's all right. It's really good.        


It's really good. It's ridiculous. That's awesome. Okay, so speaking of ridiculous, we can jump right into circle time if that's okay with you because I have a. Great story for you.        


Okay, so what am I obsessed with this week? I will probably be obsessed with it for the next several weeks, but I won't mention on the show over and over again because that gets boring. But I have found a new podcast. Oh, okay. And much like us, they are very amateur.        


At the beginning of their show, the sound quality is not so great. In fact, they have even recorded a caveat that they've put at the beginning of their earlier episodes saying like, hey, we were just starting and we didn't. Really know what we were doing. So sorry. They just sound a million episode and you can hear them dropping things in the middle and their mic cracks and it's very, very amateur.        


But if you listen past that, they develop. They get better, just like us. Anyone? The more you do, right. It takes practice.        


Yeah. Earbuds in, earbuds in earbuds in. This show has content that's not appropriate. And language that's not appropriate. So make sure your earbuds are in.        


Okay, back to the show. The name of the show is Digging Up the Duggars. Oh, no. It's a couple. The wife has always been a duggar snark.        


Okay. And the husband is new to the game. And they are starting with the very first special, which was like, 14 kids and Pregnant Again, or whatever it was. Oh, my gosh. And they are watching the specials.        


She's seen it. He's seeing it with fresh eyes. They break down what they see in the episode, and then she does the research of what's happening in the background while that show is on. Oh, my gosh. Yeah.        


So she's like, this was recorded in 2006. In 2006, the state trooper came to their house. And I pulled up the interview records, and here's the questions that they asked. All the names are redacted, but I can make guesses as to who they are. It's so great.        


If Bravo was a podcast, this would be it. So Bravo is there is a podcast that I really god, I hope they listen to our show. It is indie Bravo podcast. And there is all kinds of stuff going on in the Bravo world right now. And one of them, my favorite show on Bravo is Vanderpump Rules, and there is a thing called Scandal, which is a scandal with Tom Sandoval.        


So they just put it oh, my gosh, I really want to. So anyway, I feel like this could be if we want to do a side project, this could be you watch Vanderpump Rules for the very first time. With fresh eyes. And I just go through and I give you all of the stuff that's happening in the background because oh, my goodness, that sounds amazingly fun. And I bet this duggars one is super fun.        


Now, I've never been a duggars person. Like, I never could get into most TLC shows. Yes. But I think I would be into this one. This sounds oh, my gosh.        


Well, and, you know, a few months ago, I was dealing with Insomnia maybe a year ago, but I was going down the duggar hole and watching all these videos on YouTube and reading all these articles. So it's so fun to do it in chronological order. Right? So right now, I'm on, I think, episode ten of the podcast, which gets us midway through the first season. But it is so funny.        


And again, it's like segmented. So the first part is just them breaking down the episode, and the second part is the deep dive. And they're always like, put on your scuba gear. Here we go. That's so cute.        


I love that. How fun. Oh, my goodness. Okay, I'm into it. OB Bravo, the podcast, if you're listening, please put me on your show because we have so much to talk about.        


Okay, first of all, I just have to say I'm a crazy person who gets up really early in the morning even though I work from home. But my job is one that pretty much requires me to be available most of the day. So I don't really get too much time to take a break in the middle of the day. I can if I need it, but I end up feeling overwhelmed if I do. So I get up really early and I go for my walk super early in the morning, and I go for a four mile walk every morning.        


Yeah, I'm proud of it. It's helped me quite a bit. It's like my Zen time in the morning, and when I don't do it, even on weekends when I know it's not part of my routine, I don't feel as centered and grounded. Anyway. I burned through several pairs of shoes doing this, and when I was home and I didn't have a job.        


So while I was trying to figure out what I was going to do in between teaching and the job that I have now, and I was unemployed for seven months, every dollar counted. So I was buying really inexpensive walking shoes, which I should not have done because it was bad for my feet. So I finally invested in a pair of really good shoes to walk in. And everyone's talking about these shoes, so I'm definitely late here, but I don't care. They're called hokas.        


Yes. So it looks like Hoca one one, but it's not. It's Hoca ona one. It's like a Hawaiian I am obsessed with these shoes. You can go onto the Hoka website and you can figure out kind of what your gate is like.        


It's not like a gate analysis because you have to actually go into someplace to do that, but they can say, Where's your tread? What are you primarily using it for? Et cetera. I did that, yeah. And I found a pair of shoes, and I am obsessed with them.        


They're so comfortable. I don't have any. They're a little bit they look like they're a little bulky, but they're not heavy and they're just super comfortable. And I haven't had any of those weird foot issues that I have sometimes with a couple of my pairs of shoes that are too tight on the top or anything. So if you are a walker, it is an investment.        


I will say that. However, you can get out with these for less than $200. And for someone like me who walks as much as I do, I'm looking at it as like, how much money am I spending per? Right? And that's worth it to me.        


And I am the person who's the most expensive pair of shoes in their closet are their Toms. Right? Like, I do not spend a lot of money on shoes except athletic shoes. Right. I never bought into it.        


I was like, oh, I can do whatever in these cheapies that I bought. No. Once someone introduced me to Brooks for running. Yes. I was like, why?        


Have I ever worn any other pair of shoe? So I totally get it. And I support 100% splurging on athletic shoes. Yeah. If you're not going to wear them.        


All the time, like, sure, 999 and a lot of pain. But tennis shoes, for one. You need good ones. Yeah, for one. No, brooks are another good brand that I really like.        


I only have run in Brooks. They're for running time. Yeah. And Brooks are really good because you can tell, like, I'm someone who my feet roll in pronating. I'm a pronator.        


So you can tell if a brooks shoe has the support on the right side of your foot because they gray out the sole. So you can tell that okay. This is where it's going to be harder in the insole so that my feet don't roll it. That's a good brand, too. Anyway, hocas recommend coca.        


All right, so gem of the week. Yes. This one is quick and short and sweet. Went to HEB that's the grocery store the other day, and I saw some store brand goldfish, but instead of goldfish, they were lone stars. What?        


Yes. I want these. Yeah, well, I bought them because I thought they were funny and they were on the end cap right by the check stand. Like, marketing totally worked. So I brought them to dinner last night and put them out in a bowl, and it's like, look, these are goldfish, but they're in the shape of a star.        


And my husband just said, so they're starfish.        


Why does that not occur to me? Exactly. That was it. I was like, oh, yeah, you're right. My mind is just blown by that because I really did not even I was like, oh, yeah, but goldfish, but they're stars.        


Right? And that was it. That was the name of the product, goldfish. But they're in the shape of a star. No, Jenny, starfish.        


All right. I love it. Well, mine's a little longer, but that's okay. So you know this, but you probably don't know the update to this. So we are actively looking for sponsors.        


If anyone would like to sponsor us, we are actively looking for now, most of you appreciate that we're not sponsored because that means there's no ads, so you're welcome. But we would love if someone would sponsor us. So we are part of a couple of groups that are looking for people who would run ads for them. And somehow I don't believe we were found through this particular company, but somehow a company found us and wanted to run ads on our show, and we said, like, sure, can you give us some more information? Because here's the issue, folks.        


This company markets bras, right? Which is fine, right? Like, not a problem, right? Women both wear them, right? It's fine.        


However, the ad content on the site is women modeling bras. And we are former educators. One of us is still an educator. We need to just be cautious about teachers being real humans in our line of work. Right.        


So there's that. So we just requested more information, and they followed up as if they hadn't heard our first request for more information. And I replied back and said, we are interested. However, here is our situation. Please provide us with more information about what it's going to take for us to do in a way that is respectful of the careers that we are in and of the audience that we have.        


Exactly. And then I got ghosted crickets. Literally no response at all. I'm guessing they want people who are going to model and not care about what the audience thinks or not. So whatever.        


We got ghosted by a company that we weren't even sure about using in the first place. And I'm not going to mention them because I don't like that they did that and because we aren't actually sponsoring them, but I'm like, really? Come on now. So annoying. Anyway, that was my job.        


Got ghosted by a company I wasn't even interested in. What? All right, well, like you said, we have some really great mind blowing facts for you right after the break.        




Welcome back. I know that I said we were going to jump right into the real talk, but there is a story I forgot to tell you. Okay. The other day, we are cleaning the house, which in itself is just a story. Like, wow, you cleaned your house.        


John is cleaning up the bathroom mirror. So he yells to me, Jenny, Jenny, come in here, come in here. And it's because the entire bathroom mirror was peeling off the wall as one. Big oh, my gosh. Oh, no.        


And we have two vanities, but they're both like double size in length. So there's a sink and then two counter spaces. So that's how big the mirror is. It's like, I don't know, 10ft long. Oh, my gosh.        


And so the two of us had to climb up on the counter and figure out a way to peel it off the wall all the way and then carry it into the bedroom. So now our bedroom looks like a dance studio because we have this giant mirror leading up against the wall.        


That's pretty funny. Yeah. So he called a handyman to come look at it, and the guy was like, why didn't they put clips in the wall? That was my question. Yeah, he was like, when you glue these mirrors on, you're supposed to also affix them to the wall with clips.        


So somehow the glue just gave out. Our house is like 16 years old or something, and I guess just over time, it just fell off. Well, humidity too, right? Like humidity and oh, gosh, I'm so glad that he didn't get hurt. Yeah, exactly.        


Can you imagine? Like, it falls on him and there's glass everywhere, and he's cut up and yeah. No, that sounds horrible. It was really funny once we realized that we could fix it. Yeah, totally.        


Okay, jumping in. Jumping in. So this is facts that we found that we were super blown away by. This is originally from a BuzzFeed article by Hannah Martyr. So I'm just going to give Hannah credit where credit is due.        


Thank you, Hannah, for compiling these stories and bringing them to us. Now we are stealing them from you. Well done. Yes. And we are previewing only some of the stories from this.        


The whole article is great. Yeah. So there's lots of interesting facts there. We're giving you about half a dozen, maybe a dozen, and the article has over 30 in them. Oh, yeah.        


Okay. So the first one I have to talk about is the one that made me choose this article. Do it. Okay. Antarctica was a rainforest.        


Okay. So I knew this, right? Like, I knew that Pangaea blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, plate tectonics, but I did not know that all of the fossils of the animals that lived in Antarctica 145,000,000 years ago are buried under miles of ice. Oh, my God. So they're species that we don't even know.        


We don't know about. That's so crazy. Isn't that nuts? And we really don't ever want to find out about them, because if we do, it means that the polar ice caps are completely gone. Oh, man, that's interesting.        


Obviously, you think about Pangaea and how it was, like, around the equator, and so it would have all been tropical. Right. But you just don't think about the polar ice caps being part of that. Right, or that the fossil record is, like, never going to be seen by humans. It's never going to be seen.        


That's so crazy. Okay, so Jennyny's going to kind of take some of these more science based ones, but I've got some more history based ones. So this was one of my favorites that I saw, and I love finding out these mythical figures that we believe to be these all American heroes are actually somewhat nefarious. It's kind of one of my favorite things. So great.        


Like the whole myth about George Washington and the wooden teeth. It's completely not true. Right? We know that. Anyway, so the real story of Jenny.        


Appleseed, you guys oh, I'm excited. He did not plant apple trees to grow apples and eat them and sustain the American people. Wait, what? No, you're fermenting them. You turn them into cider, and they're alcohol, you guys.        


He was fermenting them for alcohol sales. Like, that's what he was doing. That's amazing. Love it. Is that why he wore a pot on his head?        


No, that made up, too. I don't know, but it would be really cool if that's the reason why, because he's like, listen, I just got to take this down and make some cider real quick. Wow. I like it. I like it.        


Yeah. Okay, I have a response for you. There's a really cool comparison that you can make with the scale of the universe, right? Yeah. And people are always talking, like, oh, if the sun was the size of a basketball, then the Earth would be a pee, or we would be 6 miles away, or those kinds of things are always fun.        


So here's one that is just mind blowing to me. Our entire solar system would only be the size of a coin compared to our galaxy, which would be the size of the entire United States. What? Right. Our solar system is the size of, like, a quarter quarter.        


But then our entire galaxy is the oh, my goodness. I'm sorry. I'm holding my finger. And think about this. We know about hundreds of millions of galaxies.        


Think about how big the universe is. This is insane. Okay, so speaking about how big the universe is yes. You can use this tool called scale of the universe. I think it's scale of the universe two.        


Now it's an animation with a scroll bar. Yes, I've seen this. It's super cool. It plays this really great calming music. You can scale all the way up to the size of the universe, or you can scale all the way down to a plank length.        


That's amazing. Can you say that word again? What's? The small plank length. Okay.        


And so it compares different sizes of objects. It lets you know how many meters you're looking at. It is so cool. And you can just get lost playing with it for, like, 20 or 30 minutes. Oh, my goodness.        


That sounds amazing. I feel like I've seen that before. There's a really good animation that was making the rounds on Instagram not that long ago too, that I might need to see if I can go take up. But it was super cool. Any of that stuff is super interesting because I'm literally making my fingers into the size of a quarter right now, like making a circle, and I'm just thinking about, like, one quarter sitting on the floor, and then that's just in the entire United States.        


That's just amazing to me. It's crazy. It makes me think of that video made by PBS in the 70s, powers of Ten. Do you remember that? No.        


And it's like, 1970s quality, but also really cool, the way they do it. So it starts with a couple on a picnic blanket on the shores of Lake Michigan and Chicago, and then it starts zooming out powers of ten. So first it's a meter, then it's 10 meters, then it's 100 meters, and it zooms all the way out as far outside the solar system, outside our galaxy, and then it zooms all the way in back to the couple, and then down to the inside of an atom. Wait, now I'm feeling like I'm remembering this did they have one of those, like, red checkered blankets out? Yeah.        


Okay. I feel like I'm seeing it in. My brain, and it scans one power of 10 meters every second. So it's a short video. You can start to see the growth very quickly.        


And it's for teaching not just distance, but also how strong exponents are versus just multiplication. Right. But I love that video so much. I always find an excuse to show it to my students. Yeah.        


It doesn't matter what I'm teaching. I figure out a way to connect it. Yeah, I would, too. Okay, well, mine's I'm going to take a hard pivot here. Like it like it okay.        


The cradle of civilization, folks, is like, Middle East area, right? Like tigers and Euphrates rivers, cradle of civilization, et cetera. The Middle East was once the center of knowledge and learning, and if you know anything about ancient history, or even just like Middle ages history, baghdad, the city of Baghdad, was the center of what's known as the Islamic golden age. Just for some context for what they were doing there. Our numerical system comes from right.        


Like all of this beautiful architecture that we see in Spain. That's all Moorish architecture, which is from when the Moors of this area came up through space while European doctors were sticking a piece of wood in your mouth or like a leather strap and telling you to bite down and hoping that this wouldn't hurt you too much if they sawed your leg off. The folks in the center of the Islamic golden age, those doctors were using. Anesthesia okay, you know, who gives mad props, to use a word from my use to the Islamic golden age. Who?        


Disney. Really? When you ride spaceship Earth, the big dome at Epcot. Yeah. It's like a travel through time of Earth in human civilization, and then you go backward through the stars.        


It's kind of corny, but it's a great ride. They talk about how the libraries at Alexandria burned down, but thank goodness there were Muslims who had hand copied so. Many of all of that stuff, and. They brought it to the world. Yeah.        


Amazing. Absolutely incredible. And doesn't get enough credit in history, but totally. Like, so much of what we have we can attribute to that time period. Okay, so let me piggyback off that one and talk about the medical history that was also in this article.        


Yes. Chainsaws were invented for C sections. Oh, no. Yes. Before the advent of the C section, vaginal birth was the only choice that a woman had.        


And if things weren't going well, it often meant death for both the baby and the mom. And so doctors discovered that they can cut and help the baby out, but the tools that they had and the skills that they had were taking too long. And remember, we were only moving to a C section because of an emergency, so things are already going poorly for the family, and now they're doing a surgery that takes too long, so they invented a hand crank chainsaw to oh, my God. Just abdomen and just kill me. Just kill me again.        


No, anesthesia. Just kill me. I'm better off. Just do it. Can you imagine being cut open with an egg beater?        


Oh, my God. This is the literal definition of baby is the candy bar bombie? Is the rapper, like, literal definition? Oh, my God, I can't no, my whole body is, like, convulsing. I can't.        


This is so gross and horrifying. Women are baddies. Let's just go. Well, and I have had two C sections. Both of them were not my choice.        


Now I'm really glad that they weren't done with a chainsaw. Oh, my gosh. You said egg beater, and I can't with that. That's horrifying. Okay, again, hard left.        


I got to take it away from here. Okay. Ancient Greek and Roman polychromy. Poly means multiple chrome color. So this is the arc of employing many colors as you decorate something okay.        


With you was applied to all kinds of things, but when you imagine the parthenon, now you see, like, old white stone. Yes, but actually, the parthenon was very colorful. Like, very colorful. Yeah, because that's how they decorated things. And European churches were similar.        


Statues were often painted in flashy colors, which right now, if you look at them, they're kind of muted. Right. But it's because of time they've faded. There are some that stay inside that still have some color. Again, it's muted.        


But if you are thinking about how statuesque these old white buildings look, I think you might find that the actual decoration, they looked a little tacky, honestly, because of how colorful they would have been. You would have been like, wait, that's so like, EW, who does that? But it's how they were originally intended to be super lively and colorful. Yeah. That's hilarious.        


That's great. All right, so my last fact is one of those weird timeline things, right? Yes. What is the one? The Lion King is as old for our kids as Snow White was for us, or something like those timelines.        


Right. But this one is about dinosaurs. Okay. Now, I am really lucky my kid right now is not super into dinosaurs, so I don't have to memorize all of them. Mostly just like, oh, I like this dinosaur.        


Let's play with it. I like this dinosaur. Let's play with it. But I learned from this article that the timeline from us to Trex is shorter than from Trex to stegosaurus. So I'm playing with trex and stegosaurus, and really, if I was being historically accurate, I should be playing with trex and a green army.        


Man, the age of dinosaurs was billions of years ago. I know. And it was so long that we can actually say that the stegosaurus is, like, 100 million years away from the trex, which was only 66 million years away from us. That's insane, because, well, first of all, my child loves dinosaurs, and I still have many dinosaurs memorized, and it gets to the point where I will see a dinosaur toy and another dinosaur toy that look really similar, and I'm like, I think that one is a jig. And notosaurus also, I feel very lied to by Elaine before time, because all of those dinosaurs are together at the same time, and I don't appreciate that.        


You know what, Spike? It's historically inaccurate. It is. And I wonder if there's any other children's movies that might be historically inaccurate. Pocahontas.        


I was just going to say pocahontas for sure. Okay, there's two things about the pyramids that you need to know. The pyramids, the Egyptian ones, they were once covered with smooth white limestone with a gold cap on top. Can you even imagine how gorgeous that must have looked? Okay, that makes me think of the Baylor tower, okay?        


And there's like, a family that donated enough money because it was silver, and they were like, no, we want a gold tower because our colors are green and gold, so they donate enough money to put gold leaf over the whole thing. I can't yes, but it's like a. White tower with a gold top. It's the same. Oh, jeez.        


Also, I'll do a little bit of a timeline one here. Okay. When the pyramids were being built, there were still mammoths on the Earth, folks, mammoths, woolly mammoths lived on Earth until around 1700 BCE. Now, for those of us who are not historians, BCE is the correct term. Please don't use BC.        


BCE. Means if you're saying it's before Christ, it's not what it means. If you're saying Ad means after death, it's not what it means. Otherwise, if it means that, then there's a 33 year time period where there's notice doesn't exist. Ad means anodemini, which means in the year of our Lord.        


So I'm just putting that out there right now. Now, BCE means before common era. That's what we talk about. We talk about before common era and then common era Ce. So willy mammoths lived on Earth until 1700 BCE.        


Okay. Okay. The great pyramid was completed around 25 60 BCE, and we're going backwards in time, right? So that means that not only were. There mammoths at the same time, but they survived for another almost thousand years, right.        


While the pyramids already existed. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I'm just like having this little mountain goat picture in my mind of mammoths, like, scampering up this pyramid. Also mammoth.        


I'm not dumb. I do know that mammoths did not live in the Egyptian deserts. But I'm just thinking it would be so funny, like bighorn sheep jumping around. They're like tiny mammoths, but they'd slip. And slide down because it was covered in smooth limestone.        


Oh, man. All right, well, like we said, this is just a preview of some of the great stuff that Hannah collected, and each. One of those facts in that BuzzFeed article is a link to somewhere else so you can learn more. Don't forget to check out that scale of the universe toy. It's super fun.        


Your kids will love it. If you're looking for ways to be intellectually curious over this summer, that might be a fun little adventure to go on. Totally. All right. So, of course, I have to do a little plug because I haven't done one in a while.        


Tell your friends. Give us a review. Hit those five stars, subscribe, do all the things, and make good choices. And just learn for learning sake because it's fun. You might have your mind blow.        


Okay, bye.

Real Talk: 8 Weird History Facts