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Fresh & Affordable Date Ideas For Couples, Families, & Friends To Reconnect

March 21, 2023 Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred Season 2 Episode 61
Fresh & Affordable Date Ideas For Couples, Families, & Friends To Reconnect
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CK & GK Podcast
Fresh & Affordable Date Ideas For Couples, Families, & Friends To Reconnect
Mar 21, 2023 Season 2 Episode 61
Jenny GK and Caitlin Kindred

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Let CK & GK show you how to add some spice to your life with fun and creative date night ideas for family, friends, and spouses!

Here's what Caitlin and Jenny cover in this episode:

  1. Creative ideas can you come up with for a unique date night with your partner or spouse
  2. How you can add an element of fun to spending time with your children
  3. Fun ways to spend quality time with your bestie 

And our usual real-life ridiculousness!

Jenny's always coming up with creative ways to make family time fun! She has ideas for dates with your spouse, children, and friends, ranging from culinary adventures to scavenger hunts to virtual movie nights.

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Send us a Text!

Let CK & GK show you how to add some spice to your life with fun and creative date night ideas for family, friends, and spouses!

Here's what Caitlin and Jenny cover in this episode:

  1. Creative ideas can you come up with for a unique date night with your partner or spouse
  2. How you can add an element of fun to spending time with your children
  3. Fun ways to spend quality time with your bestie 

And our usual real-life ridiculousness!

Jenny's always coming up with creative ways to make family time fun! She has ideas for dates with your spouse, children, and friends, ranging from culinary adventures to scavenger hunts to virtual movie nights.

Link to this episode's complete show notes on our website. 

The best support is a rating and a share.


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Jenny GK 00:00:00
It's Tuesday. Bip it up. Booze day. Yeah, it's Tuesday. Yeah.

Caitlin Kindred 00:00:08

Like, every week it surprises me, and every week I'm like, that's the last thing I expected. But, no, this time it really was.

Jenny GK 00:00:15

The literal last thing. What just happened? It's so good. Welcome, everybody. Aren't you glad you're here? Welcome to CKG. We're back. With me today is Caitlin. She's not my favorite raisin, but she's definitely my favorite date.

Caitlin Kindred 00:00:43


Jenny GK 00:00:44

So, so good.

Caitlin Kindred 00:00:46

Well, I've got Ponies top reporter here, everyone. Shauna molly Tweet aka Jenny GK to my CK. Oh, goodness. Today, guys, we're talking about dating differently, meaning going out on dates with the person in your life who matters to you and how you can make that fun and different and where to go and what to do. And I'm trying to keep myself together.

Jenny GK 00:01:28

So I have a shout out to Blue Bonnet Philharmonic Orchestra since they gave us a shout out in their live performance this weekend. What? They did? That's amazing. Yeah, that was pretty cool. J skill.

Caitlin Kindred 00:01:47

That's amazing. Oh, my goodness. All right. Congrats, Jsco, on your performance. I'm sure it was amazing.

Jenny GK 00:01:57

Oh, no, it was so good. It was super great.

Caitlin Kindred 00:02:00

Awesome. All right, let's catch up.

Jenny GK 00:02:02

Okay. So spring has sprung in Texas.

Caitlin Kindred 00:02:07

The weather is gorgeous.

Jenny GK 00:02:08

There are Blue Bonnets out, and my house is filthy because I would much rather be outside than enjoying and enjoying the weather than be inside and cleaning up. We have a pile of laundry. Yeah, we have a pile of laundry on our table. That is what did you name? Space? Mount Laundry. I was wondering if maybe I should come up with some other names I needed to workshop some, like, maybe Mount Foldmore.

Caitlin Kindred 00:02:37

Oh, I love that one.

Jenny GK 00:02:39

Mount St Rinkle.

Caitlin Kindred 00:02:46

I like that. Those are good. Did you see that there was that post that went out recently about some people who are trying to name their new snow plows.

Jenny GK 00:02:57

Oh, my God.

Caitlin Kindred 00:02:57

Names were like you're a blizzard, Harry. And it was. They were so good. One of them got named Blizzard.

Jenny GK 00:03:09

Oh, nice. That's so good.

Caitlin Kindred 00:03:12

Yeah, they were just so great. But you need to have something clever like that for Mount Laundry.

Jenny GK 00:03:17

Well, I'm kind of hoping that Mount Laundry has an avalanche tomorrow and disappears.

Caitlin Kindred 00:03:26

It was such a big pile.

Jenny GK 00:03:29

It is so big.

Caitlin Kindred 00:03:31

You need to workshop that name. I'm going to get you some help on it.

Jenny GK 00:03:35

It's all getting folded and put away tomorrow. Good, I keep saying. Yeah. The other thing I am obsessed with right now is the Spotify DJ. It's in beta testing, so I don't know if it's on everyone's account, but I love it.

Caitlin Kindred 00:03:52

Oh, okay.

Jenny GK 00:03:53

It talks to you like a DJ would on the radio, and it intros the music and it's like, next we got some music that you haven't listened to in a while, but you used to put on repeat, here come the Temptations. But the best was the other day. It says to me, here's one of your favorites. You played it on repeat for several days. The Spice Girls are up next. And I wish there was, like, a feature on Spotify to push. Like, this is for my kids.

Caitlin Kindred 00:04:27


Jenny GK 00:04:27

Because when we do the unwrapped at the end of the year or the wrapped at the end of the year, whatever it's called, it's like Moana. You listen to Moana for four and a half hours. There should be a way to say to the DJ, like, hey, wika, wicca Spice Girls for my kids.

Caitlin Kindred 00:04:42

Yeah. It's almost like if you label a playlist, there is a way to take a song that you add to your playlist and then have it not factor into your favorites or something. I think that just rolled out because I know I was putting together a Fire playlist for walk up songs for my son's bass.

Jenny GK 00:05:02


Caitlin Kindred 00:05:03

Fire. But I still was like, I don't really need all of these things to be factored into my especially since I'm listening to the same song over and over again, like, trying to find the good parts to use that 20 seconds for the walk up part. But, yeah, that's a feature. So I wonder if there's a way to do it that way to Spotify DJ.

Jenny GK 00:05:22

Well, you also can tell the DJ that you're not into it. And he responds. He'll be like, okay, I hear you. We're going somewhat different now.

Caitlin Kindred 00:05:34

Mine's going to be, like, all ADHD, like, binaural beats and stuff. Nature sounds from all the time. I have to just sit here concentrating.

Jenny GK 00:05:44

And every once in a while, they'll be like, here's an artist that you listen to a lot lately. And I don't recognize the artist at all because it's on one of these lo fi stations that I put on while I'm trying to work, and I'm like, I don't know who makes this music. It just sounds like a heartbeat in the background.

Caitlin Kindred 00:05:59


Jenny GK 00:06:00

Heartbeat. That's a good one.

Caitlin Kindred 00:06:03

Oh, yeah. It's like, yeah, you're right. I do listen to this my own organs regularly. Artist weird. Oh, my goodness. Well, I'm also into the spring weather. This is my favorite thing that I've seen in a long time, and I just need to live my life like this girl. I'm driving towards a part of town that is very familiar to you and I both for various reasons, but there's a chain link fence along this major street, and recently, within the past few years, they must have planted some roses, like, rose bushes along this chain link fence. And the rose bushes have gotten huge since the last time I was over there. We're talking, like, as tall as the chain link fence. Yeah, they're poking through the links, and it's pink roses, and they're so pretty. And I'm driving, and I'm kind of panicked because I was late leaving and then late returning or I knew I was going to be late returning, but I'm driving down the road and I look over and there's a girl who is literally stopping and smelling roses through this chain link fence.

Jenny GK 00:07:19

Oh my gosh. That is the universe speaking to you.

Caitlin Kindred 00:07:22

I know, right? It was a glorious day. And I'm just like, okay, I really need to calm down. Right, of course. Then the rest of my day completely fell apart. But for that one moment, right, someone.

Jenny GK 00:07:36

Else stopped and smelled the roses for.

Caitlin Kindred 00:07:37

You stopping and smelling the roses and they're so pretty, and her hair was like shiny and she just looks so happy. And I'm like, oh my gosh, I love this. International Women's Day, beautiful person stopping to smell roses. And it was a beautiful thing. So I'm just going to try to remember like, okay, you saw that, it was pretty. She stopped and enjoyed. You can also do the same. That's my obsession right now.

Jenny GK 00:08:07

That is so great.

Caitlin Kindred 00:08:08


Jenny GK 00:08:09

So next comes my favorite part of the show, the gems. This is where we get to tell a story about something fabulous that happened to us this week or something that is so fabulous that makes you laugh about us this week. Yeah. And mine comes courtesy of my eleven year old daughter. We are reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings as a family, like it's 1920. And like, we all gather around paw's chair and he reads to us.

Caitlin Kindred 00:08:38

I love that.

Jenny GK 00:08:40

Yeah, it's funny. And so we don't do it every night, but a couple of times a week we sit around and listen while John reads for a little bit. And we are at the part of The Hobbit where Smog the Dragon is going to fight or they're going to fight him. I don't know what's coming next, but he's guarding the treasure. But as John is reading, he's decided that Smog the Dragon has a Jamaican accent, as one does down in more Middle earth. Right. The rest of the book he's reading pretty straight, but he has made Spout the Dragon have a Jamaican accent, which has led to Abigail practicing her Jamaican accent, which yes, here we go. I'm a dragon. Bond. Then I looked at her and I was like, you can't do a Jamaican accent by just saying mon at the end of a sentence. Here's my Canadian accent, I'm a dragon. A, here's my Texas accent. I'm a dragon. Y'all howdy I'm a dragon. Look. Oh, here's my English accent. I'm a dragon. Old chap. Like cheerio. Let's take the worst stereotypes and just turn them into what? Someone's accent. This is just punctuate a sentence with them and say, that's the accent, right? We we I'm a dragon. Yes. Oh, you're French now. Good. You figured, oh my gosh.

Caitlin Kindred 00:10:42


Jenny GK 00:10:42

I'm a dragon. Mon. No, that's not an accent.

Caitlin Kindred 00:10:47


Jenny GK 00:10:50

My cheeks are burning. They're laughing so hard. Oh my goodness.

Caitlin Kindred 00:10:55

I'm just picturing her being like, what?

Jenny GK 00:10:57

Yeah, it's okay. It's a good idea.

Caitlin Kindred 00:11:00

Yours is way better than mine. I should just leave mine out because mine is just basically like, how am I a mess?

Jenny GK 00:11:07

You can't say I'll leave it out and then not say it.

Caitlin Kindred 00:11:10


Jenny GK 00:11:10


Caitlin Kindred 00:11:10

So as I was headed towards the area of the Rose lady, I needed to deliver something. Well, I forgot the thing that I was going to deliver at the house.

Jenny GK 00:11:20

So I had to you had to reply?

Caitlin Kindred 00:11:28

Yeah, I get to the place, drop off half of it, and then I had to come back and I was like, oh, my gosh. The thing that I needed to deliver is sitting on my desk. So I had to turn around. Cool.

Jenny GK 00:11:44

Yeah, exactly.

Caitlin Kindred 00:11:45

Awesome. Turn around, go back. Well, I had to go back after my meeting. During the meeting, roofers showed up to our house because, as I told you, half my trees fell down and they made roof damage. And there's, like, holes in my roof that I have to get fixed. So their roofers are here during my meeting. So I miss half the meeting because I'm like, muting and then hiding my video, literally sprinting across my house oh, my God. Sprinting out of the backyard while the guys like, do you have a blower? And I'm like, does it look like.

Jenny GK 00:12:14

I have a blower?

Caitlin Kindred 00:12:15

There's leaves everywhere. You think I got a blower if I have all these leaves everywhere? Although are you asking me for tools.

Jenny GK 00:12:20

To do your job? No, I don't have it.

Caitlin Kindred 00:12:23

Also, I'm on a call, sir, after the roofers leave, then I finish my meeting, of which I missed half and have no idea what any of the stuff is that happened because I was the one taking the notes. So I can't even look back at the notes because I have no idea what's going on. Yeah, so then I had to go back over there, drop off a thing to the place and be like, sorry, here's what happened. I'm an idiot. My bad. And then I get stuck behind a truck the whole way home. And it's a one way or a one lane street, and I can't get around because I'm going over a bridge.

Jenny GK 00:12:57

In order to my house.

Caitlin Kindred 00:12:59

It was just like, okay, then fine. So then my computer decides to have a meltdown when I get back. So my job was not as easy as it needed to be. I'm fielding requests from people at the last minute, which is fine, I could handle it if my computer was working, but it wasn't. Then when I finally stop for the day, go get my child, come back, I'm like, oh, I have all these messages from my tax professional that I need to take care of. And I spent the next 2 hours looking for tax documents. Oh, my God. And then when I come over here to sit down and record with you. The boom arm on my microphone literally fell off the table and made the loudest noise ever. And I'm, like, trying to hold everything in my hands. I have cords everywhere. My computer is falling off the table because the boom arm is, like, right. The cord is wrapped on. I was just like, can I just oh, my gosh. Like, just such a mess. I'm just such a mess. I need Abby to come over here and talk to me in a British.

Jenny GK 00:14:07

Accent to make an accent. We'll make it better. I'm just such a mess.

Caitlin Kindred 00:14:12

My eyes are watering so badly because I think I got lotion in them.

Jenny GK 00:14:17

Oh, no. Basically, yeah.

Caitlin Kindred 00:14:19

And I'm tired.

Jenny GK 00:14:20

So guys, this is as good as it gets.

Caitlin Kindred 00:14:25

Just like a disaster. If you ever all these random noises in the background, this is like me trying to make sure the boom arm doesn't fall off the table again. So if you ever feel like your life is a mess, I promise you, you're not alone in your life being a mess. I'm sure it actually is a mess.

Jenny GK 00:14:46

Oh, yeah.

Caitlin Kindred 00:14:47

It isn't just you.

Jenny GK 00:14:49

No, it isn't just you. That's right.

Caitlin Kindred 00:14:50

We're all a disaster.

Jenny GK 00:14:52

And if nothing else, let our gem of the week be your downward social comparison. At least you're not CK and GK.

Caitlin Kindred 00:15:07

Yeah, guys, one of our episodes, a couple of weeks ago, she knocked her monitors off of the arm that holds them and then spilled a cup of coffee as we had a guest waiting for.

Jenny GK 00:15:23

Y'All. All right, you're not alone. You're not alone.

Caitlin Kindred 00:15:26


Jenny GK 00:15:30

Is all about date night, and I look so attractive. I'm really in the mood to talk.

Caitlin Kindred 00:15:36

About dating right now as my eyes.

Jenny GK 00:15:38

Are watering and I'm wearing a dress that I sometimes have slept in. SPJS. No big deal. To wipe my nose, so no problem, please. So we are not talking only about dating your partner or spouse. Also, I have some ideas for dates with your children and with your besties. That's fun. Okay. And all of these can kind of, like, move category to category to some extent.

Caitlin Kindred 00:16:10


Jenny GK 00:16:10

None of them are brand new, but hopefully some of them are new to.

Caitlin Kindred 00:16:15

You listener and also, like, repurposing or right. Some of them, yes, exactly. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch of these.

Jenny GK 00:16:26

Okay, so let's get that spouse out of the way. Let's do that first, because everyone's like, oh, my relationship. All right, sure. Yeah. You got to date your spouse. I know I can say that because I'm on my second marriage, and I know it's not going south because both of us have been divorced before, so we're like, all right, we're in it. I just had to work really hard to not spit out the sip of water that I took right before. I'm a little cynical, but it's not that big of a deal. Trying to hold the water in my face. Okay. All right.

Caitlin Kindred 00:17:02

So my nose is running now.

Jenny GK 00:17:04

Okay. Some home based ideas to do with your spouse. Try a new recipe that could be food or drink. Sometimes just doing that is fun. Going on a little culinary adventure, right? This could be a crazy, really hard recipe that's very technical. Or it could be like, what happens if we mix beer and soda? It could just be going on adventure together. Yeah. Our friend Ashley loves beeritas, right? I want to promote a product. They are not promoting us yet, but maybe one day they will. The Skin Deep makes these card sets that are questions and conversation starters. They make some for kids, they make some for couples, and they even, like, within the couples, they have, like, first dating or long term relationships. So those are kind of fun. They kind of spark conversation.

Caitlin Kindred 00:18:01


Jenny GK 00:18:02

You can time travel together, dig out a box of memories from the garage and look at it together. Or say, okay, let's both go grab our senior year yearbooks and look at ourselves, at what we would look like when we were 18. You could also pick a year in time and say, okay, we're going to go through all the best of 1964 and listen to the top hits from that year. Maybe look and see what recipes were popular and make that food. Or grab a movie that was a top performer at the box office that year.

Caitlin Kindred 00:18:39

As long as Who Framed Roger Rabbit shows up somehow in that, I'm totally ready. Have you also seen there's, like, those themes where it's like you go to a store and you have categories. It's like favorite snack food, favorite dessert, something that's red and something to do later. Yeah. And then at the same time, you bust out what it is and see what the other person and then you have to eat the snacks and you watch that movie or whatever. I thought that was a cute idea.

Jenny GK 00:19:13

Too, but I like these other ones.

Caitlin Kindred 00:19:15

Too, because you don't have to spend any money on those.

Jenny GK 00:19:17

Right. The other thing is playing trivia on YouTube. I've talked about this on the show before. My family loves to do this. There's all kinds of trivia shows. Somewhere they show you the answer right away. Somewhere. They show you the answer after they ask all the questions. But it's always fun. And John and I will just say, okay, we're going to put on a trivia video, and next thing you know, we've gone down a YouTube rabbit hole and we're listening to the best guitar solos of all time.

Caitlin Kindred 00:19:44

You're watching videos of poisonous snakes and.

Jenny GK 00:19:46

Like, what happens, right? Okay, so if you want to take your date out on the town, okay. I talked about just kind of scrolling through your city's calendar of events. I love that idea. Okay, so this is how we found Daftfish, the Daftpug Fish tribute band. But it's also how we found some of the activities that we're going to do on our upcoming trip to Portland, Oregon. So cool. Love it. John and I are going to be there for just a long weekend. I said, what are some wacky things we could do? So I just kind of scrolled through their version of do five one and saw what Portland has to offer. That's awesome. I would love to claim this idea as mine, but it's not. It's a dollar night. And so you go and you try and do everything that you can for a dollar or less and say, okay, we're going to go to the fast food dollar menu. We're going to go buy each other gifts at the dollar store and we're going to try and find a movie on Amazon Prime or Apple or whatever.

Caitlin Kindred 00:20:51

For a dollar or less for ninety nine cents. Oh my gosh, you're going to give each other diarrhea and then have horrible sponges to clean it up with. And yes.

Jenny GK 00:21:02

Then you can at least be entertained because you're watching Wooframe watch a rabbit because you rented it for 99. Yes. In the same vein, you can do a progressive dinner, just the two of you. Pick a couple locations around town and go to one for appetizers, one for dinner and one for dessert. Take each other on an adventure. Do some activities that you already enjoy or try something new. I've never liked rock climbing, but I might like it on a date, who knows? And then this one I also stole from the Internet. Go to a yard sale. And I have to say anyone can go to a fancy estate sale and have a great time, right? Like it's fun to go through someone's house and make a story about who they were and look at all their fun things. It's pretty great if you think about it. To just go and stand in someone's garage and talk about their crap and compare it to the junk that you also have.

Caitlin Kindred 00:21:59

The couple that hates together stays together.

Jenny GK 00:22:04

What is this? They're selling one hand weight. Well, we only have one at home. We should buy this one.

Caitlin Kindred 00:22:09

Now we have our now we have a set.

Jenny GK 00:22:12

It's okay. That one is £7 and one is five. I have one arm stronger than the other anyway, right?

Caitlin Kindred 00:22:18

I'll use this for my heavy day.

Jenny GK 00:22:19

And it's for my light day, right?

Caitlin Kindred 00:22:22

Oh, goodness.

Jenny GK 00:22:23

That's funny.

Caitlin Kindred 00:22:23

I love that idea.

Jenny GK 00:22:25

Yeah, I thought it was funny too. I was like, oh yeah, let's go to a yard sale together. Let's get up saturday morning, we're going to go to two yard sales. We'll be done by 09:00. A.m.. Okay, so this is to do with your children and it could be just you and the kids, or it could be you and your partner and the kids, whatever that looks like for you. Classic nerf war, right? This is always fun, especially when it's not planned. Yes. Right. I also did not create this one, but I kind of want to do it with my own family. An Oreo Slam dunk contest. What?

Caitlin Kindred 00:23:03

That's fun, right?

Jenny GK 00:23:05

Okay, so the site that I saw and I'm linking it in the show notes, the site that I saw has, like, cards of what the tricks should be. But in the real slam dunk contest, right, they get to make their own moves. So what if you say, like, tomorrow we're having an Oreo slam dunk contest, you better come up with something really cool to do. And then the kids get to practice, and the next day you decide to dunk your Oreos.

Caitlin Kindred 00:23:27

Do you remember there was a commercial where they would do that? Dad teaching his kid how to dunk the Oreo. And then I think the kids took an arm. Yeah, he's like his whole hand in.

Jenny GK 00:23:38

There, and he's like, oh, okay.

Caitlin Kindred 00:23:43

Yeah, that's a super cute idea. I love that one.

Jenny GK 00:23:46

Themed movie night themed party. Right. You don't have to invite other guests. It can be just the family. Yeah, we did Australia Day one year, take an online class together. Outschool was, like, super popular during the height of the pandemic, but there's still people out there making classes on outschool. So you could take one together. Totally. Okay. You could do a tasting with your family. You could taste chocolates. You could taste chicken nuggets, or you could take a page out of my family's book one night. I'm not even kidding you. We tasted all the Mountain Dew flavors we could find. We drove to, like, three different gas stations so we went to, like, three different gas stations and found all these different flavors of Mountain Dew. Abby poured them all in little shot glasses, so we all had our little tasting.

Caitlin Kindred 00:24:40

Oh, my gosh, that's amazing.

Jenny GK 00:24:44

We're like, okay, let's try the grapes. Do you remember which one you like the most? Oh, code red for sure. Yeah, no question. It's the greatest soda ever made.

Caitlin Kindred 00:24:57

Oh, goodness. All right.

Jenny GK 00:25:01


Caitlin Kindred 00:25:01

That's a great one.

Jenny GK 00:25:02

Of course, there's board games. We are big fans of throw throw, burrito, Ratat cat, forbidden desert. And who am I? Or heads up. In fact, I have heads up on my phone, and I use it pretty much anytime we're in line or waiting somewhere or something.

Caitlin Kindred 00:25:16

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Jenny GK 00:25:18

Okay. You want to take your kids out on the town, volunteer together? Abby and I just did a Meals on Wheels shift where we were decorating bags for delivery.

Caitlin Kindred 00:25:28


Jenny GK 00:25:28

Even four year olds can sit there and color a bag.

Caitlin Kindred 00:25:31

There's park cleanup days.

Jenny GK 00:25:32

And if your children are old enough, you can join National Charity League or National League of Young Men. And this is a mom and kid service organization.

Caitlin Kindred 00:25:43


Jenny GK 00:25:44

Order dinner for each other, go to a restaurant and say, I'm going to pick what you're eating and you pick what I'm eating. And you can decide if you're going to be kind right. Or order s liver.

Caitlin Kindred 00:25:57


Jenny GK 00:25:57

Yeah. Build and fly a kite together. Do a workout together. Go on a scavenger hunt. There's lots of printable ones that you can do walking around your neighborhood. There's all kinds of companies out there that do phone based ones that you just do their app. But you can also write clues for places around town that you know your kids like and say, okay, this afternoon we're going to do a scavenger hunt. I have five different clues. Once you figure out one, then I'll give you the next. Do an early morning breakfast out. This is really fun, especially if you have the capacity to do multiple dates with multiple kids and have this be a one on one kind of deal. So if you have only one child, it works out really well. But in my case, if I took Abby for early morning breakfast on Saturday, I pretty much am in the tank for having to do it on Sunday with Kit.

Caitlin Kindred 00:26:53

Yeah, exactly.

Jenny GK 00:26:54

But it's a fun little deal. Before everyone wakes up, you've already gone and come back. And then if you're not the sporty type, doing sports with your kids is really fun for them. Right. It would blow Abigail's mind if I said, hey, let's go throw the football around. She would just kind of look at me like, who are you?

Caitlin Kindred 00:27:14


Jenny GK 00:27:14

What have you done with my mother?

Caitlin Kindred 00:27:15

But yawns, let's do it.

Jenny GK 00:27:17

Mon really excited about is like, these are the friend baits. Yay. If you want to stay home, you can do bad TV together, add booze to make it even more fun. And you can either do it together or virtually. So pick something that you're going to stream together and say, okay, we're going to both watch this at the same time and then talk about it. It's funny. Do a crafty night. Maybe it's a snarky crafty night. Right? Like, my mom went to a oh, yeah, my mom went to a wreath making class and she was like, I am going to make the ugliest tackiest wreath I can. And I know I'm going to feel good at the end of this workshop because I will have succeeded.

Caitlin Kindred 00:28:07


Jenny GK 00:28:08

I love it. What if you did snarky vision boards, right? Like, I am jaded on the vision board. I am almost 40 years old. Yeah. I am not going to write down my goals and dreams and achieve them. At this point, I'm pretty happy with the track that I'm on and it's the one I got. But how fun would it be to get together and say, okay, we're going to make vision boards for our 20 year old selves.

Caitlin Kindred 00:28:36

How embarrassing.

Jenny GK 00:28:39

Let me cut out this subaru outback.

Caitlin Kindred 00:28:42

Oh, my gosh.

Jenny GK 00:28:45

I'm going to glue this picture of microwave chicken nuggets.

Caitlin Kindred 00:28:49


Jenny GK 00:28:54

The other one I saw was a cook off where either you cook for each other and taste or cook for someone else. But I thought that was really fun.

Caitlin Kindred 00:29:03

I think that's a cute idea. The one that I mentioned earlier about everyone brings something red, everyone brings something blue, or whatever. That's a really good one to do with girlfriends, too, or guy friends, whoever. I have to go back to the booze and bad TV one, though, because I did that with a bunch of my girlfriends, the ones who were all scattered all over the country. And there's several streaming extensions that you can add to your browser, like for Google Chrome or whatever, and you can start the movie and everyone can watch it all at the same time. It's basically like a zoom with the movie and you're oh, my God, I love it. Oh, gosh, we watched I forget which movie we watched. It was a Chris Evans.

Jenny GK 00:29:52


Caitlin Kindred 00:29:53

Not another teen movie. Something like that. Yeah, it was not another teen movie. And we watched this one part of not Another Teen Movie, where he's like, having that sweet little scene with the girl who really likes him, and then in the background, the big dude on the stretcher falls. We watched that scene, the four of us together, like four times. Just that's hilarious the entire time. And it was so much fun to do that. And I totally recommend it was a really fun way to do it. That's a great way to spend time with your girlfriends.

Jenny GK 00:30:33

Love it, right? Okay, so, like, in the department under duh is brunch or shopping or spa date, right?

Caitlin Kindred 00:30:40

Yeah, of course.

Jenny GK 00:30:41

But how about be a kid again and do all of the things that you loved as kids but are super different with kids?

Caitlin Kindred 00:30:51

Can we please go to a roller rink?

Jenny GK 00:30:53

Right. I really want to do that. How fun is that? I would go, yeah.

Caitlin Kindred 00:30:59

Oh, my gosh.

Jenny GK 00:31:00

Okay. Take a class. Especially if you have to pay for it in advance because then there's accountability and people are less likely to flake on you.

Caitlin Kindred 00:31:07


Jenny GK 00:31:08

Okay, do a thrift store photo shoot. Yes. Much like ordering for each other, you should make sure that everyone knows whether or not this is serious or silly. But go shop for each other with a very small budget. Do each other's hair and makeup and then take pictures.

Caitlin Kindred 00:31:33

Glamour shop.

Jenny GK 00:31:33

This is what right, exactly. Okay, so here's the other thing. Create your thing with your friends and honor it, and you can make it weird and just straight up say, we're going to make a thing. Right? It doesn't have to be something that happens organically and like, oh, well, when we were growing up in the 1970s, we always blah, blah, blah. Now, 38, 40, 50 years later, we still do it. No, like, just say, like, we're going to come up with a thing that we do together and let's just do it. So here are some things that I think would be great to do. We always try sketching looking restaurants together, a couple that poops a lot together. Hey, it could be like one of those hole in the walls. You are the person who is responsible for discovering it. We read an Oprah book together every June. We have a potluck once a month. We always binge X series every time that a new season is released. We purge each other's closets once a year. Or we take a girls trip every fall. I'm not letting you near, or you would throw out my stuff. Or we have a podcast.

Caitlin Kindred 00:33:03

I feel attacked and seen. For those of you who don't know, our origin story is Jenny and I were having long conversations on the phone during COVID that would turn into, like, these three hour sessions where I'm, like, cleaning toilets and talking.

Jenny GK 00:33:25

Or she's like, folding Mount Foldmore or laying in the grass and like, okay, I'm trying to get my blood pressure down because I just read 180 over 110. So I'm just laying in the grass right now to see if maybe the Earth can call me and I'm talking.

Caitlin Kindred 00:33:44

To you while I do that because I know that if I keep talking.

Jenny GK 00:33:49

It sounds yeah, it was a mess.

Caitlin Kindred 00:33:52

So then it became, let's record it.

Jenny GK 00:33:56

And now we have a podcast, which.

Caitlin Kindred 00:33:59

Is great for us. I think it's a regular thing for.

Jenny GK 00:34:02

Us to have when Caitlin says, let's catch up, like we literally are. It's legit. And it's hard, though, because I have stories throughout the week that I have to decide, am I going to tell this story to Caitlin right now or am I going to save it for the mic?

Caitlin Kindred 00:34:19

Usually if it's sweary, it ends up being a tell me right now.

Jenny GK 00:34:23


Caitlin Kindred 00:34:23

But if it's not as sweary, it's a save it for the mic. That's usually my line, my distinction. So is it PG 13, right? Or is it rated R? And I just need right. Quentin Tarantino movie.

Jenny GK 00:34:40

Is it who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Caitlin Kindred 00:34:45

A lot?

Jenny GK 00:34:46

Yeah, I know. It's called a good example would be today I already told Caitlin that my oven broke, and when the man came to fix it, he showed me the part that he replaced and said, this is just covered in a lot of residue butter. And I was like, so my oven is too dirty to work. And he was like, yeah, it needs a little TLC. It's like, not broken. It's just really filthy. Is that part we're going to replace this part with a clean one, but it's going to be the only thing.

Caitlin Kindred 00:35:30

In there that looks shiny and right.

Jenny GK 00:35:32

Well, I told John this, and then I went and ran some errands today, and I come home and the house is full of smoke. No, he did the self clean feature.

Caitlin Kindred 00:35:45

On the oven, knew that's what he.

Jenny GK 00:35:46

Was going to and it's five years without being cleaned. It's filthy. My gosh foldmore might have needed to be rewashed because it kind of smells a little like a real volcano.

Caitlin Kindred 00:35:59

Oh, my goodness.

Jenny GK 00:36:02

So those are the kind of stories that I'm telling Caitlin right as they happen, rather than saving for the mic. But if you want to hear more fabulous things about how messy I am, I encourage you to tune in every week on Tuesday and hit the five stars. Tell your friends, of course, like, I'm begging for help, but, you know, this is the part of the show where I do that. And I'll tell you when you're about to take your friend out on a date. Make good choices.

Caitlin Kindred 00:36:34

And Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a really good movie. Okay, bye.

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