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And Maybe A Gerbil | Things From Our Childhoods in the 90s

January 10, 2023 Season 2 Episode 51
CK & GK Podcast
And Maybe A Gerbil | Things From Our Childhoods in the 90s
Show Notes

Y'all -- the holidays have come and gone and we are STILL trying to do *all the things.* So, since we're busy and we're sure you are too, we thought we'd keep our "we read BuzzFeed"  theme going for another week by bringing you *** the long-lost episode 51*** (ooooooh...) Full disclosure -- we recorded this episode in December 2022!

It's Jenny's turn to get sucked into the Buzzfeed vortex and she's taking a trip down memory lane with things that we did as kids that we probably can't do with our own kids. You know, like drinking from a hose and staying out until the street lights came on.

Listen to reminisce on these and more; as always, we've got a hilarious circle time chat to kick off the fun. 

Many thanks to Alice Lahoda, staff writer at BuzzFeed, for her work creating this article. You can find it here.

Read the blog post for this episode here. 

Happy Holidays/New Year/whatever happens in January (Lunar New Year is coming!) to all our listeners and friends -- we hope that your holidays were filled with love and joy and that you're getting back into the swing of things. And hey, if you are, can you send some of that juju our way? Please and thank you. 
- Caitlin & Jenny

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